General Information
Homeworld Quin
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe CrossGen Universe

The Iskani or Ice Trolls are a race that inhabit the land of Skarnhime on the planet Quin.

Biology Edit

The Iskani are distantly related to the Trolls of Grinbor. They shared several traits, yellow skin and glowing emerald eyes. However rather than males sporting ram-like horns, they grow tusks from their sides of their cheeks.

History Edit

The Iskani were one if not only clan of trolls that were skeptical of making Mordath their ruler. They also loathed Marta, a Troll Witch that became the human warlord's consul, due to her malign power and sorcery. They saw Moradth's ambition to take on the other race of Quin as folly. To quell their fears Mordath called a council of High King Vortigen and his stewards. At the feast Vortigen refused to bow before Mordath, he and his retainers soon found that their drink had been poisoned, by an elixir made by Marta. They were told that if they did not receve the antidote once a month they would becoming ravening beasts-berserkers-laying waster to all life around them.

For their cooperation he would give them the antidote so long as they remain loyal to him. In a show of good faith he gave them the first month' vials. Some took them and some did not. Those that did not were turned into monsters that turned on their own people. Now held ransom by the threat of their own people, the iskani were forced to comply with Mordath in his conquest of Quin.

When word that Mordath had been slain, King Vortigen summoned his stewards to him. No cure was found and the king decreed that he and his stewards would give their lives to save his people. Most of them committed suicide, though a few cowards fled to escape death. King Vortigen anticipated such a weakness and commissioned a band of loyal guard to hunt down the traitors.

Culture Edit

Like the trolls that dwell in the forests of Grinbor to the south, the ice trolls of Skarnhime are warriors. They are a spiritual race of warriors, believing that the afterlife is the Great Hall of Kings where the honored dead dwell. They are a proud race, the Iskani somehwat obstinate and fearless, refusing to run. This has served them well in the cold barrens of Skarnhime, where their people survive and endure.

Appearance Edit

  • Sojourn Issue 31 (2004)
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