Isha Awak
Isha Awak
Universe Warcraft Universe
Species Threshadon (Unknown Subspecies)
Gender Unknown
Hair color None
Eye color White (possibly indicating blindness)
Skin color Dark Sienna
Homeworld Azeroth
Affiliation None (Non-Sapient)

Isha Awak is the Tauren name for a Threshadon that showed up along the Merchant Coast of the Barrens on the planet Azeroth. The name translates to "The Deep Doom". It is unknown or unspecified if he had been there before or after the arrival of Humans of Theramore as well as those operating under the sails of the Southsea Pirates, but either way he has gained a taste for sapient flesh and now stalks the ships' crews, striking fear into their hearts.

One Tauren, named Mahren Skyseer, had watched the carnage and noted the Humans' fear. She, however, remained unafraid, and convinced a member of the New Horde (although their gender and race - either Orc, Gurubashi Troll, Tauren, Sindorei, or Goblin is debated) to seek out Isha Awak and remove its heart to become one with it on a shamanistic or druidic level. The individual succeeded, and Isha Awak was put to death.

Notes Edit

Strangely, Isha Awak - and all other sienna-hued Threshadons - have white eyes. This may indicate that these species are all blind or near blind - using some other sense to locate prey and avoid obstacles, although the other types of Threshadons also possess pupiless eyes, although these come as dark grey-blue and red instead, and may therefore represent some other occurrence.

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