The Irrassians were a race of mammalians that ruled a large empire in a certain area of the galaxy little over a million years ago.

Irrassian physiology is very interesting to say the least by not following any known mammal skeletal structure. All Irrassians were six limbed organisms with weak immune systems.

The Irrassian Concordat was an technologically advance empire have several subject races and the ability to terraform different planets to suit their needs.

The Concordat suffered from a plague known as the Javorian Pox. The plague devastated their worlds forcing their military to enforce quarantine on their colonies. These blockades got so bad that there were open revolts on blockaded worlds with battles erupting in orbit and the ground. Eventually the Irrassian navy began to bombard their own worlds in a effort to curb the disease. The Joggra, a molluscoid race that were conquered by the Irrassians probably declared independence in the ensuing chaos. After this, the Irrassians began to think that the plague was sort of biological weapon deployed by their client races as revenge for conquering them. They then began bombarding their client worlds as well. The Irrassians kept up some hope that a cure could be found, but once the plague reach their home world their hope was snuffed out, and the Irrassians were resigned at this point knowing the end was near.

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