"Hogarth, you stay... I go... no following."
―The Giant's apparent farewell shorty before sacrificing itself to save Rockwell from the nuclear missile.
The Iron Giant
Iron Giant
Biography Information
True Identity Unknown
Alias The Metal Man
Homeworld Unknown
Species Unknown (Exactly, though is physically some kind of robot)
Gender Male
Age N/A
Body Type Humanoid
Height Presumably somewhere around 50 or 60 feet
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Headlights
Diet Metal
Occupation War Machine (originally)

Guardian of Hogarth Hughes

Interests Being a hero
Hanging out with Hogarth
Abilities Self-repair
Laser vision
Battle mode
Personality Destructive (formerly)
Friendly (currently)
Status Active
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Iron Giant
Created by Ted Hughes
Performed by Vin Diesel

The Iron Giant is a massive robotic behemoth, appearing in the 1999 film of the same name.

Design Edit

The Iron Giant is a huge humanoid behemoth, that's at least 50 feet tall. This advance machine is capable of devouring metallic items and converting it into fuel. Its eyes are capable of shooting lasers. In addition its capable of flight. It possesses another form that is armored and bristled with laser weapons, which possibly hints that it was originally a war mech of some kind. The machine has a strong amount of endurance as it was able to survive a nuclear missile at point range, with only it pieces scattered about the planet. The pieces are capable of reorganizing themselves and self-repair.

History Edit

Although little is known about the Iron Giant's origin such as where it came from and who (or what) build it, expect that the giant's true purpose might've been to destroy every living thing. But when it was sent to Earth, the Giant crashed into the ocean, damaging its head making it unable to remember what its directives were causing it to aimlessly wander. During its time in the forests around Rockwell, Maine, the giant busies itself devouring various metallic structures. However during one of its feeding frenzies, it got tangled in electrical wiring, causing it to short-circuit, until the Earth boy; Hogarth Hughes, saved it by shutting the power off. The giant befriended Hogarth and his friend Dean McCoppin, who taught him the concepts of entertainment and art.


  • He is loosely based on the title character from the 1968 novel The Iron Man, by Ted Hughes.
  • It is unknown whether if the giant was either sent to Earth on purpose or by accident.
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