Iridescent Flint Beetle
General Information
Scientific name Pilli envelopens
Other names Steeliprax
Homeworld PNF-404
Habitat Underground
Body type Insectoid
Length 30mm
Locomotion Quadrupedal, Hexapedal
Diet Herbivore, nectar
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Behavior Peaceful
Status Rare
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Iridescent Flint Beetle is the namesake for the Flint Beetle family group, and first Flint Beetle to be discovered on PNF-404 by Captain Olimar.

Description Edit

The Iridescent Flint Beetles are given their name thanks to their specialized shells, which give off a iridescent shining surface texture to it. This shell is extremely durable, and most predators find it hard to break into.

They are nocturnal creatures, and during the day they remains hidden under foliage and underneath the ground to avoid detection. Throughout the night, these Flint Beetles will gather various plant matter, namely nectar or undigested "Pellets", and store it within their stomachs for winter.

Upon closer inspection, these undigested materials are covered in a similar coating that makes up their shells, which will keep the food fresh for up to six months.

Evolution Edit

Compared to most other creatures on PNF-404, the Iridescent Flint Beetle has undergone the most drastic, and rapid, evolutionary change over the years of its study by explorers, giving many a clear history of the creature. The most drastic change is during Captain Charlie's study on the Flint Beetle:

Captain Olimar's first encounter Edit

577px-Iridescent Flint Beetle P1 art

The Flint Beetles were first discovered by Captain Olimar on his first expedition to the planet. The Iridescent Flint Beetle at this point in time were four-legged, simple creatures with small stalked eyes.

The Flint Beetles at this time resemble the Glint Beetle, and Doodlebug respectively, and were a more common sight back then. These were fairly large as well, slightly larger than a Dwarf Bulborb in comparison.

Described by Captain Olimar, Pikmin also had a unique sort of behavioral attachment to the creature and will swarm one that comes close. Its hard armor makes these attacks mostly pointless though.

The species' decline Edit

Iridescent Flint Beetle P2
Later expeditions onto PNF-404 started to show a change in the species. While physically it kept many of the simpler anatomy, the species has become less common as the first encounters made them out to be.

Specimens of this Iridescent Flint Beetle are slightly smaller than their previous forms, with their shells having a darker coloration.

Pikmin no longer seem as interested in Flint Beetles as they used to be.

Captain Charlie encounter Edit

Iridescent flint beetle
The ones encounter by Captain Charlie show the most drastic change in the species thus far, to the point when some argued if this is an entirely different species. The species has developed a set of antenna at the front of the body, and now has six legs instead of four.

The shells on these individuals are strangely smaller compared to previous specimens, with more vibrant patterns and spots along the top.

It is unknown what triggered such a drastic physical change.

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