Alien Species

The Iotrans were a militaristic species hailing from the planet Iotra in the Outer Rim Territories. Their military history is long and storied, and they originated several famous military orders, including the Kinlandrin Royal Forces, the Lurathi Guard, and the Jengardin Millennial Warriors.

Iotrans had smooth skin, dark brown to black in color. They possessed a broad, flat nose, no discernible ears, hands with four digits, and two-toed feet. They had distinctive spots on their bald heads, knobby protrusions at their temples, and short, stubby spikes protecting their shoulders, elbows, and hands.

Iotrans firmly believed in a strong, stable culture, and saw that as only achievable through a strong military tradition. Even before their planet was unified, their nations possessed strong militaries; after their unification 700 years before the Galactic Civil War, these militaries were merged into the Iotran Police Force (IPF), which enforced law and provided emergency services on Iotra and throughout the Iotran Expanse. The eight top-ranking leaders of the IPF formed the Joint Council, which acted as parliament for Iotra. From an early age, Iotrans were trained for military service, and in their fourteenth season (approximately 18 standard years of age) they were inducted into the IPF for approximately six standard years. At any given time, nearly half of the population was part of the IPF in one form or another.

Especially talented enlistees in the IPF often became Iotran Bracemen, which tracked down fugitives outside of the Iotran Expanse, often without regard for local laws or for what other species call "jurisdiction"; this often resulted in diplomatic incidents.

Iotran technology was primitive by Galactic standards, typified by slugthrowers, surface vehicles, and simplistic computer and droid technology. However, they adopted galactic standard technology for much of their defense industry, and most Iotrans were quite at home with modern tech.

Iotrans, though not generally respectful toward other cultures, did respect stability and might. As a result, they tended to support the Galactic Empire, though some supported the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as the Galactic Republic was historically more stable and just in their eyes.