Alien Species


The Intergalactic Council of Superior Beings (a.k.a. Intergalactic Council of Superior Species) is, as its name indicates, an intergalactic organization of extraordinary powerful aliens, which possess omnipotent reality-warping abilities.

Four gigantic alien members of the Council travel throughout the universe in a spaceship and intercept probes from other races. Whenever a new technological species is discovered by them, the Council performs a test to find if the new species is worthy enough to join them. If it fails the test, the species is eradicated. The test consists of selecting a random member of the species and bestowing upon this person the same omnipotent powers that the Council itself possesses. In practice, the person becomes capable of doing anything, but remains unaware that a test is taking place. If after ten days the Council determines that the subject has misused their powers, the subject's planet is destroyed.


  • Absolutely Anything (2015)



  • The Intergalactic Council's aliens are all voiced by members of the Monty Python comedy troupe: John Cleese (Chief Alien), Terry Jones (Scientist Alien), Michael Palin (Kindly Alien), Terry Gilliam (Nasty Alien) and Eric Idle (Salubrious Gat).