The Data Integrated Sentient Entity (more commonly known as the Data Integration Thought Entity) is a conglomerate of the sentient data organisms which supervise the part of the galaxy in which Earth is in. It is divided into five or more factions—Moderates, the Innovative, the Compromise, the Thinking party and the Radical faction—which do not necessarily agree or even cooperate with each other on basic goals. It is represented on Earth through a group of humaoid interfaces, such as Yuki Nagato, which observe the possibly reality-warping being who goes by the name "Haruhi Suzumiya", and to prevent any time lapses or anomalies which may occur due to her abilities.


A possibility is that this faction was created by a thought of Haruhi's: she wished for them to exist, so they came into being. Alternatively, Haruhi may be improving on an already existing universe by her actions, so they may have already been present.

The Entity has minions such as Yuki Nagato and Ryoko Asakura (though it is implied that there are many more aliens like them out there), but the Data Integration Thought Entity conglomerate is superior to any of these, giving the orders that the interfaces follow.

There is no known image of the Data Integration Thought Entity, because there have been no sightings or photographs of it. The data creatures may exist as beings of energy or otherwise in an incorporeal form.

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