This is an unnamed species of sapient insectoids native to an unnamed forested world in which Vegeta and Nappa discussed plans to obtain the seven Dragon Balls and wish for eternal life.


Very little is known about these insectoids other than that they have clawed feet, green and yellow skin and purple-colored blood, and that their meat can be safely consumed by Saiyans.


  • Dragon Ball manga, chapter 204, "The Needs of the Many" (1988)
  • Dragon Ball Z, s01e05, "Gohan's Rage" (1989)


  • In their original appearance in the manga, these creatures seem to have only four limbs: two arms and two legs. In the anime, they have been depicted with ten limbs in total: one pair of legs and four pairs of arms. They also had tridactyl hands in the manga, whereas the anime gives them mantis-like sickles.
  • It's possible that this species' name is Tritekians, based on Nappa's line mentioning "that crazy battle on Tritek".
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