Insectoids[1] are a sapient race of yellow four-legged insects originally from an unknown planet before relocating to Atrocius 0.

Biology Edit

Anatomy Edit

Insectoids are small yellow insect-like aliens with black eyes, green pupils, four pointed legs, a beak, and a large crest-shaped antenna.

Ecology Edit

Insectoids are preyed on by Terroranchulas, who can trap Insectoids and neutralize their plasma balls using their energy webs.

Powers and abilities Edit

Insectoids can spit sticky green balls of plasma that they use to absorb matter with. The more matter is absorbed, the bigger the ball becomes. Upon impact, the ball will explode, with the explosion radius dependent on the size of the plasma ball.

An Insectoid's plasma balls can absorb energy, including an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts and a Prypiatosian-B's radioactive beams.

Insectoids can alternatively spit streams of plasma, which are strong enough to hold a Tetramand.

Much like Earth insects, Insectoids are capable of scaling vertical surfaces and can fit into tight spaces as a result of their small size.

Insectoids are incredibly agile, capable of dodging sniper fire with grace and ease.

Weaknesses Edit

The plasma balls are very sticky and Insectoids can become stuck in them or subjected to their explosions if the balls are reflected back at them.

Insectoids are vulnerable against Terroranchulas, whose energy webs can trap them like flies caught in a spider's web. These energy webs can also neutralize an Insectoid's plasma balls.

An Insectoid's plasma is useless against a species capable of withstanding it, such as Arburian Pelarotas.[2]

Culture and society Edit

Because the Atrocians are unable to clean up after themselves, the Insectoids evolved as a natural sanitation solution to the Atrocian garbage problem. Once a week, Insectoids roll through Atrocian villages, sticky-balling up all the filth before blowing them up.[2]

Technology Edit

The Insectoids have developed faster-than-light space travel. Since then, they have started highly successful sanitation services on other planets.[2]

History Edit

The Insectoids came to Atrocius 0 after it was abandoned thousands of years ago. They have developed a symbiotic relationship with the Atrocians after the latter settled on other planets.[2]

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Notes Edit

  • The Omnitrix's Insectoid representative is named Ball Weevil, who first appeared in the Omniverse episode "Of Predators and Prey: Part 1". Ball Weevil solely appears in Omniverse.
  • Although this species has not been officially named in canon media, the name "Insectoid" comes from the online game Ben 10: Galactic Champions.
  • It is confirmed that the Omnitrix from the Ben 10 reboot contains Insectoid DNA.[3] Therefore, Ball Weevil is one of the countless aliens whose DNA pod was glimpsed in the episode "Innervasion Part 5: High Override".

References Edit

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