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Insectoids, or mantis-like aliens, are among the many different types of aliens reported by abductees around the world. They are described as tall, with six legs, and a peaceful demeanor. Although they speak to each other in clicks, they are able to communicate with other beings via telepathic abilities. Insectoids have been seen during abductions working alongside other alien types such as the Greys or Reptilians, usually performing various types of medical experiments.



Benjamin Davidson (1964 or 65)[]

Recounted to Ufogist Kenny Young in 2001 by Benjamin Davidson of Kentucky days before his death a sort of ambush is said to have occurred in the mid-1960s. Memory of which didn't return to Benjamin until the 1990s when something about accidently burning the hairs on his hand with a cigarette triggered the memory. Benjamin was working as an Exterminator around Cincinnati and Portsmouth, Ohio when while traveling between those two points he had to stop on the road as it was blocked by a silvery disk shaped object that had landed there. As he looked upon the multiple lights of the craft he slowly became aware that he was not alone. On either side of his vehicle where giant mantids. They did not speak to him but the body language of one he recounted as 'the escort' got him to leave his vehicle and walk with the non-violent entity into the craft. There he was taken to an examination room where blood was drawn, skin taken from the palm of his hand, and nails clipped. He remembers being totally at peace, waiting to be addressed or spoken to until he saw another examination table. Upon it was a little girl who was evidently deceased. The calm faded from him and he became distressed with an overwhelming sensation of helplessness at the sight of this dead child. His distress was noticed and that's when he blacked out- coming to within his car, the craft and mantids gone. Benjamin apparently remembered more of what happened but died of cancer in May of 2001 before being able to provide more to Kenny Young.

North Carol Road Incident (1987)[]

As recounted by Martin Jasek, M.Sc., P. Eng. in 'Insectoid Abduction: The North Carol Road Incident' [1] a man named Kevin encountered insectoids in August or September of 1987. The abductee had gone on a hunting trip upon his motor bike and made a stop on North Carol Road to relieve himself. It was while doing so that he looked up and saw a noiseless cigar shaped craft resembling a bus sized DC-3 plane with portholes along the sides. A grey stripe along it's center with green on the top and bottom. He was bewildered until feeling something was very off about what he was seeing. Evidently he believed it was a low flying plane until it dawned on him that there was no noise and no wings. Returning to his bike Kevin decided to hide but feeling his camera felt like taking a picture while doing so. However as soon as he grasped it he was overcome with a calming sensation and again felt there was no need let alone that anything was unusual. When the craft was out of view Kevin emerged from hiding feeling rather excited by the whole experience and it was in this excitement that he heard a metallic thud. He turned thinking a car door had closed and someone else may have seen it too but what he saw was not a person. In blue jump suits where what Kevin described as grey grasshopper people. One of them raised a hand to their waist towards a flashlight device and in an instant Kevin felt paralyzed and blacked out. It would be some time after this that Kevin would recall being taken aboard the craft. Memory slowly coming back when, awoken in the night, a grey like alien face told him there was nothing to worry about after months of restless slumber. Kevin recalls that while the first part of the encounter was scary once aboard the craft he found the insectoids to be rather friendly. They showed him Earth from above using a giant copy type machine that printed out an image. They offered to take him to see other worlds and stars but Kevin declined and was told that he'd have to forget their encounter. Kevin remembers being sad but drank the yellow beverage that would make him forget. Evidently it didn't work as intended given his visit by the grey some time latter and return of his memories of the event which put Kevin's formerly restless mind at ease. The only physical remnant of his experience is one that his memories have no account for, which are two scoop marks- one on each palm of his hand and a residual burning sensation from those points. In the year 2000 Kevin was informed by his doctor that the condition is called Dupuytren's Contracture and there is no known cause of it. Kevin attributes it to the abduction though his memories do not include such as part of his experience.

Kim Carlsberg[]

Kim Carlsberg has published a few books on abductions, the first was "Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee" which recounted her own experiences. In 2022 as part of a Travel Channel program called 'UFO Witness' she gave permission for her therapist to share tapes of hypnosis sessions recounting her abduction encounters. One of those experiences, occurring some time after 1988 but prior to 1995, was shared in which Kim Carlsberg was in her bed and when she awoke she was on a table in a giant room. The walls around her where wet and she realized she wasn't alone, creatures where staring at her- bugs like stick bugs with giant glistening eyes. As one got closer she could see it more clearly - a mantis. It touched her and in her own words nothing was hidden from the mantis. Tubes where put into her, her skull opened, chest opened and organs prodded. When Kim screamed the therapist ended the session. It's one of the more gruesome accounts of insectoids.

Non-Abduction Encounters[]

Langley, British Columbia; Canada (1947)[]

An account from 1947, relayed by a sixteen year old witness and their brother is said to describe an encounter with five mantids. The two boys where reading books by a creek when a large dome like craft came down near them. From it emerged five giant mantids with dull silvery clothing. The sixteen year old stood to run only for one of the Mantids to rush up and grab the books from his hands. The mantid examined the books and then grasped the boy with an appendage upon the shoulder and stared into his eyes while clicking. A telepathic message was relayed telling the boy not to look up as the craft departs. The boy relayed this to his brother as the mantids examined the craft externally and once the mantids where aboard and the boys had their faces upon the ground it departed with a deafening sound. The heat the two experienced left them dehydrated but otherwise unharmed.

Greenville, South Carolina; USA (1977)[]

Relayed to Lon Strickler a three year old child in South Carolina was playing hide and seek with her old brothers in 1977. They lived in a trailer park, Mr. Hicumbs Trailer Park in Greenville. She had just got around to the back of their home to hide when turning the corner to do so she saw a giant mantis. She felt the breath go right out of her, it was taller than her dad and seemed to have been doing something with the Propane Tank when she came around. The two stare at each other in broad daylight for a moment until she suddenly blacks out- she can't remember what happened next. Her memory picks up with her running into her trailer screaming telling her mom she's in pain between her legs. Her mother took off her clothes to check and told her was nothing was wrong. The encountee states they went to bed crying that night and the memory hasn't left her. She's been unable to have children of her own naturally, and relates this to what ever happened during the time she can't remember.

Seattle, Washington; USA (1993)[]

An account relayed by letter in April of 2016 to Lon Strickler of the Phantoms and Monsters blog site tells of a possible encounter or possible hallucination of an insectoid. The then fifty-six year old encountee expresses in her letter that in December or November of 1993 while living in Seattle, Washington she was laying in her bed next to her husband at night. She was facing the inner wall of the bedroom with her husband asleep next to her when at two AM she rolled over with a clear view of the hallway. The lights where on and within the door frame was something very tall and with the light of the hall behind it she could see the vague outline of a robe like clothing. She hurriedly got her husband awake and leapt out of bed while he grabbed the bat he kept next to the bed and when she looked back at the door it was gone. Her husband checked the house, and tried to call her down. She felt like she was loosing her mind and the next morning she phoned her personal physician who suggested she was having stress related issues and prescribed some medication. She tried to convince herself it never happened and forget that she saw the thing but the image of it lingered in her mind. One day she decided to draw the thing but the image she drew horrified her so much that she threw it away. What she had drew was an insectoid being in robes with arms coming out of six holes in the robes. It's head had little nubs she remembers moving around, it's face had thin slits where a nose should be, and it's mouth was small yet it's eyes massive. She recalls the nubs moving but only has a vague sense of antennae being there. She decided to write Lon Strickler about it after reading an entry in his book 'Cryptid Encounters' and learning that she was not alone in having seen mantid like entities.

Stillwater, Nevada; USA (1994)[]

In Stillwater, Nevada a man was driving home with his wife during slight rain when he noticed some lights on the side of the road uphead. It looked like the lights one would expect from emergency response vehicles attending an accident and thinking he could lend a hand he pulled over towards the lights. Still in the vehicle he came to a stop as something came into view. It was like a soda can on it's side supported by three legs with the lights being around it. It wasn't at all the accident he had expected and then he heard his wife scream. Looking behind him out of the window he saw two insectoid headed figures with human like bodies in blue jumpsuits approaching. The man got out the sidearm he kept for protection and let out two shots into the road before them. The figures where terrified and ran towards the soda can looking thing as the man sped off. Looking into the rearview he saw ten more figures rushing over to the freighted ones and then he just kept looking at the road and not looking back until he was home.

Grande Prairie, Alberta; Canada (2012)[]

On May 31, 2012 in Alberta Canada someone living in Grande Prairie awoke with a sensation of tingling all over their body from their shoulders to their toes as if experiencing poor circulation. Unsure what was going on they screamed and shot up in bed only to see in their bedroom, walking towards the patio door to the deck that was just outside their room- an eight to nine foot tall being with backward facing legs like a grasshopper and head resembling that of a grey alien. It stopped as they stopped screaming and it's head rotated to face them. The encountee felt it was frustrated, it looked at him as if he had done something wrong and it was in a hurry of it's own. The two stared at each other and to the encountee it just faded away while doing so though they don't believe it was a hallucination or dream- the encountee feels very much that it was real.


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