The Inner Worlders are a race hailing from the Inner World.

Biology Edit

The Inner Worlders are a winged race with multiple yellow eyes.

History Edit

The Inner Worlders have been engaged in a war with a neighboring species, the Jallians by the time the Ellimist began to explore the galaxy. The Ellimist stopped the bloodshed by separating the space in between the Inner World and Jall with an asteroid field.

The war was temporarily halted. However, the Inner Worlders soon launched Nuclear Space Mines towards the Jall. While many failed to reach the Jall, due to the asteroid field, enough made to the Jall and wiped out the Jallians.

Despite their victory over the Jallians, the Inner Worlders fell into civil war and were reduced to savages.

Appearances Edit

  • The Ellimist Chronicles
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