Alien Species

Ingworms are a large species of wormlike Ing indigenous to Dark Aether. Ingworm have no offensive capabilities, and so are often used to simply store items for the Ing Horde. However, the Ing have used selective breeding to also create larger and more resilient forms that are instead used to block important passages, especially against potential threats to the ways of the Ing. While those Ingworms which store items can be destroyed with typical weapons fire, the giant Ingworms grow to incredible size and with that comes incredible durability that cannot be breached by conventional weaponry; as such, areas protected by giant Ingworms are generally considered unreachable, unless the being perhaps uses an aerial method to get passed the barrier. Samus Aran nor any known Luminoth warriors were capable of bringing aerial ships with them to Dark Aether, and therefore this is not considered an easy trait to possess.