Alien Species

The Inari are a Human sub-species who come from the volcanic planet Inaris in the Triangulum Galaxy.


The Inari have one major physical difference from their Human cousins, their boney head ridges which hide extra nerve sensors, they are made for survival in low-light volcanic environments, due to their lower amount genetic modifications, they can still interbreed with standard Humans.


The Inari where one of the three major post-Human species before the Fall, after the Fall, the Inari where wooed by a mysterious purple boy with a tail, which lead to a civil war which wiped out half of their population, it devastated their economy and forced them to illegally sell Ammonium Phosphate, which to Pyrians is a heavily addictive narcotic, they didn't have any contact with even one remnant of the Commonwealth until the appearance of the long lost starship Andromeda Ascendant and the reveal of their dealings during a small semi-conflict with the Pyrians.