The Inamans are a species that exists in the Chorus in the Prism Stalker Universe.

Biology Edit

Predominately the Inamans are dark haired and skinned humanoids.

History Edit

The Inamans originally inhabited a planet, living a tribal existence. However the planet suffered a plague that nearly wiped out the Imamans. Thankfully ships from the Chorus arrived to rescue the remaining survivors. The Inaman survivors were then relocated to the asteroid moon of Sveramad.

They were welcomed by the Sverans and permitted them to stay in exchange for laboring in their nests to harvest their eggs.

Culture Edit

The Inamans possessed a rich spiritual culture, that involved many oral stories, songs and dances. However after being relocated to the asteroid of Sveramad they lost much of their heritage.

The Inamans refugees were taken in by the Sverans. To provide for their keep, the Inamans traded their labor to harvest the Sverans eggs. However their stay within the Sveran's territory came at a price. They were forced give away many of their tribal traditions and lifestyles. One of the policies that the Sverans maintained was the separation of the adults from the children. It was the aliens belief that each egg of child needed the opportunity to stand on their own not only as a tribe.

However despite these rules, the Inamans continued to practice their traditions in secret. The Sverans were aware though no real punishments were given save for some scolding by the nestkeepers.

Appearances Edit

  • Prism Stalker Issue 001 (2018)
  • Prism Stalker Issue 002 (2018)
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