New classic doom enem imp
"You thought an imp was a cute little dude in a red suit with a pitchfork. Where did these brown [Expletive Removed] come from?"

-Doom instruction manual

The Imp is a creature that is commonly found within the DOOM Universe . Its appearance consists of a brown, muscular, humanoid body, red eyes, and white spikes protruding from its upper arms and chest.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

310px-Imp Demon

Alternate form of the Imp.

The Imp will make a loud hiss when it detects a threat and will launch a ranged attack by throwing a large fireball in that direction. At close range, the Imp will switch to a melee claw attack (Melee combat between an Imp should be avoided). The Imp and it's fireball projectiles move rather slow, this makes it easier to dodge when in combat with a single one but unfortunately, Imps are usually found in packs which will make their fireballs slightly harder to dodge. When defeated, the Imp will let out one of two distinct snarls which will sound like "Nuuuuuh!" and "Eeeergh!"
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