Alien Species

Imagoes are large insectoids that were created through the mutative properties caused by the Mother Brain; they are not a part of Zebes' natural ecosystem.


Kiru Giru

A Kiru Giru.

An imago begins life as an egg, which eventually hatches into a Kiru Giru. Kiru Giru grow very large before eventually burrowing, where they form a hardened cocoon out of their own body, only to hatch very soon afterward. It is unknown if Imago are asexual or possess proper genders, or if they may be born pregnant, as the only known full-grown Imago ever witnessed had already begun laying eggs very soon after hatching. Imagoes are extremely protective over their eggs, and will fight anything that is a threat to their offspring, although they will leave an organism alone until it has proven itself as an opponent.

Imago are covered in eyes, likely to keep a better lookout over their brood. Two sets of wings propel them through the air, but since they are so tiny in comparison to the body, one must assume that they achieve flight in a manner similar to a bumblebee, whose wings are also too small to grant it flight through typical means. They attack foes with a powerful stinger, curled underneath them as they "dive bomb" their foe.

The Imagoes, as well as the Kiru Giru and their eggs, very likely all went extinct with the destruction of Zebes.