The Ilwans are a spacefaring race of short, broad creatures with lumpy grey skin, clumsy hands and long dexterous noses. They have been described as "homely" by the Chirpsithra.

Like the Chirps, the Ilwans evolved on a world orbiting a red dwarf star. Unlike the Chirps', however, the Ilwans' homeworld was part of a mutually tidally-locked double planet.


Billions of years ago, when the Chirpsithra Empire hadn't yet spread through the entire Milky Way, the Ilwans declared war on them and attempted to conquer their territories. The Chirps made several attempts at diplomacy and peace treaties, but the Ilwans ignored that.

Ultimately, the Chirpsithra realized that the Ilwans were only interested in double planets, and thus evacuated all of their double planet colonies and bombarded them with asteroids to make them uninhabitable, effectively causing the Ilwans to have nothing left to fight over for.


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