Illym is a Foon warlord and the leader of his race.

History Edit

In the past his only son Quando proposed that the Foon use black powder weapons, only to earn the ire of his people. Illym banished Quando for his heretical ideas, a decision that he regretted in later years.

After Quando returned back to the Foon lands, and reported that Tiff's chariot had fallen, Illym agreed with Quando's urgency against his adviser, Gullin, wishes. During a private conversation, Illym asked Gullin if he believed that Quando saw the Chariot of Tiff fall, to which Gullin stated that Quando was possibly lying to regain favor with his father. Illym argued what if Quando was right, not just about the chariot, but about the Foon way of life and their dependence on tradition.

Gullin warned him that saying such things bordered on blasphemy. Outraged, the Foon lord seized him by the neck stating he had sacrificed much for his duties as warlord and failinged as a father. After releasing Gullin he warned him that should Quando prove successful, he would have his adviser's head.

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