Alien Species

The Iktotchi were a race of mammalian humanoids native to the moon Iktotch. A fierce race, the Iktotchi were noted for the large, down-turned horns that emerged from the sides of their heads. Their skulls and neck muscles were greatly enlarged, to support the heavy horns. The Iktotchi were also noted for their huge hands and tough, leathery skin, which protected them from the winds of their native world.

Ancient Iktotchi evolved with legends of a vast, galactic community beyond the clouds of Iktotch, with a great deal of their civilizations striving to build airships and see what was beyond the clouds. Old Republic scouts discovered the Iktotchi some 3,500 before the Battle of Yavin, and were surprised to find the Iktotchi were actually waiting for them. This was due to the Iktotchi's innate form of precognition, which allowed them to foresee the arrival of the scout ship several weeks before it actually arrived. Although most Iktotchi exhibited some level of precognitive skill, no Iktotchi could control its use, and only a handful of individuals were allowed to train as Seers. All members of the race were prohibited from using it to fix a certain outcome or derive personal benefit. Interestingly, this ability to see into the future was strongest on Iktotch, and faded as an individual moved off-planet. This ability to see briefly into the future allowed many Iktotchi to become excellent pilots, and attracted great interest from the Jedi Order of the Old Republic..

Unfortunately, their precognition also earned the Iktotchi the distrust of many other races, who feared that the Iktotchi could use their precognition to give them an edge in their dealings. For this reason, many Iktotchi came to deny even having the skill, in an effort to fit in with the rest of the galactic community.

As a people, the Iktotchi were generally quiet and reserved, keeping their emotions hidden behind a stoic expression. In addition to serving as pilots, the Iktotchi were respected for their skills as engineers, and more than a few became members of the Jedi Order. Because of their natural abilities, these Iktotchi Jedi were among the first to be killed during the Jedi Purge.

During the Galactic Civil War, many Iktotchi joined the Alliance, to fight back against Emperor Palpatine's tyranny. In the years that followed, the Iktotchi were taken by surprise when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy. It was believed that their inability to foresee the events of the invasion was masked by the fact that the Yuuzhan Vong were "invisible" in the Force.