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The Ikkuro are a race of large muscular ursidians that inhabit the hot, humid and tropical regions of their home planet.

The Ikkuro's physiology is quite peculiar than most species. This is probably because they look like conglomeration of several different terrestrial species. Their large ears resemble that of a bat. They have a rudimentary ability of echolocation and a somewhat sonar ability, allowing them to "see" in the dark. There bodies resemble that of gorillas. They stand upright like their "distant" cousins and covered in a dense brown fur. They also have the strength of a bear. The Ikkuro use this strength when they turn aggressive and violent when the are provoke. Despite their appearance the Ikkuro are pretty intelligent and can be gentle and compassionate allies to those they know well.

They are extremely skilled mechanics as they can repair whole fleets in days. They complete these amazing feats by using the S2F4 repairbot, a non-sentient robot workforce. They can reverse-engineer practically anything they get their hands on. Even though they are tech savvy the Ikkuro do have a natural love for the nature. Their government keeps tabs on many different species of plants. The Ikkuro have extensive knowledge in many different plants across the galaxy. they are also skilled in the art of medicine, as they invented many different herbal medicines using their knowledge on plants.

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