Resembling Terrestrial Platypuses, Iferyssians are a mammalian race native to the tundra-like planet of Iferyx.

Mammalian massive 16

Once native to only a single continent on their homeworld of Iferyx, the Iferyssians have spread across their planet in pursuit to the stars. This hasn't always been the case. Many years ago while the species was still isolated on its one continent an invasive species(unknown whether sapient or not) invaded their lands and threaten the extinction of the entire species. Being separated into a fractious society of competing trader enclaves, the Iferyssians were forced to unite under one banner in order to repel the catastrophic spread of an invasive species on their home continent. The united force succeeded and the Iferyssians sought to spread out across the planet. While egalitarianist and democratic tenets provide the basis for Iferyx society, a secret shadow council remains to ensure that Iferyssian society is never again threaten by any hostile alien threat or any threat created by themselves.

Iferyx spirituality is an amalgamation of folklore, superstitions, and mythologies formed by the various pre-Republic/trader guild communities, and continues to influence day-to-day life on their homeworld.

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