Alien Species
For another species with the same name see Iconian (Star Trek).

The Iconians are an ancient race and one of the oldest known space faring civilizations save for the Precursors. They had once served the Precursor race known as the Dread Lords until the Yor, advanced cybernetic beings created by the Iconians, revolted upon them and purged them from their homeworld of Iconia. They have only recently resurfaced as the Iconian Refuge, a relatively small faction made up of once-nomadic Iconians that had escaped the carnage that befell their homeworld.


Being the oldest known race in the galaxy, existing since the times of the Precursors, the Iconians are mysterious as well as noble, despite them once serving the genocidal Dread Lords. Many suspect that the Iconians possess secret knowledge of the Precursors, but this has yet to be confirmed.

As shown by their creations, the Yor, the Iconians are technologically advanced, surpassing most other civilizations in the fields of technology and research.