The Ichthori are an alien species native to the planet Ichthora.

Biology Edit

Icthori were humanoids that spent most of their days laying and feeding face down in the mud. Insect larvae and microorganisms constitute!the bulk of their diet.

They have elbow shaped fins. Strangely they seem to be able to procreate with other races with very minimal effort. The children that are the result of these unions are half-strains sharing characteristics of both species though the Icthori elements are more dominant.

Culture Edit

Ichthori natives used adapted hover lift technology to ascend, then slid from one “tree house” to another on their bellies.

Ichthori are a peaceful people that are lethargic mud-dwellers. Native Ichthori do not manufacture or deal in tech. Half their population is made up of offworlders who have mated with natives and are responsible for the manufacturing industries bringing wealth to Ichthora.

Ichthori law requires an offworlder to mate with an Ichthori female if he impregnates her.

Icthori are not one to be called a modest people, even mating in public is considered mundane.

Appearances Edit

  • Stardoc: Beyond Varallan by S.L Viehl (2000)
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