Alien Species

Ice Shriekbats are related to typical Shirekbats, having adapted specifically for inhabiting the Phendrana Drifts of their homeworld of Tallon IV. Having adapted for living in such a cold environment, they have a thick shell of icy armor - as do many other inhabitants of the region - but other than this they are identical to their brethren. As such, they are just as extremely territorial as typical Shriekbats, dive-bombing anything that enters their territory and exploding on impact due to a chemical reaction caused by the impact, releasing high amounts of thermal energy, which is technically deadlier on the targets of Ice Shriekbats since the inhabitants are more susceptible to heat here, but in truth, it's hard to get deadlier when something is fatal to begin with. Being suicidal in nature, it is unknown how creatures are not yet extinct.


  • Ice Shriekbats are only found on the dark ceilings in the buildings in Ice Ruins West (though they disappear permanently once Samus Aran acquires the Thermal Visor in the North American versions of Metroid Prime).
  • They were originally referred to as Metarees in early versions of the game.