Ice Burrower
Ice Burrower
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Tallon IV
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Carnivorous (Presumed)
Language None
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Subspecies Unspecified

Ice Burrowers are hardy lifeforms indigenous to the frigid climate of the Phendrana Drifts on the planet Tallon IV. They are very similar to their close relatives, the Burrowers, and spend most of their time tunneling through the soil, although in the Ice Burrowers case the soil is frozen, likely with permafrost. They will occasionally surface to attack passersby with a type of projectile launched from their bodies, potentially attempting to prey upon them or it may instead simply be used as a defensive mechanism. One can follow an Ice Burrowers movement by following the telltale moving lump in the snow.


  • Metroid Prime (First appearance)
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