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Ice Bugs are a gigantic subspecies of Arachnid that resemble large asteroids and they live completely in outer space. While in their hibernation state, an Ice Bug can blend in to look like enormous astroids covered with ice which fools many into believing that their a minor planet drifting in space.

Many were unaware of these massive floating bugs all that is known, they are unpredictable with numerous disturbances breaking parts of its surface when compared to normal asteroids. These creatures usually remain in passive state for period of time until they come across food of any kind and use to power their next part of life cycle.

Ice Bugs are capable of sleeping for thousands and if not millions of years until victims would come upon them unnoticed. When they awaken, Ice Bugs then uncurled their bodies with legs and pincers breaking forth allowing ithem to move about the vastness of space. Ice Bugs also possess a huge mouth that males it easy for them to capable of devouring smaller starships and shuttles.

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