Bistan-SW Card Trader
General Information
Homeworld Iakar
Habitat Jungle
Body Type Mammalian humanoid
Skin Colors Light brown
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Primitive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Star Wars

The Iakaru are a sapient species of hairy, primate-like humanoids native to the jungle planet of Iakar. Famous members of the species include Bistan and Jumon.

Biology and appearance Edit

Having evolved on the jungle canopy, Iakaru possess exceptional spatial awareness and sensitive brow tufts which enhance their senses. They swing trough the trees with their keen eyesight and quick reflexes.

History Edit

During the Clone Wars companies set up major research installations on Iakar, which drove the Iakaru deeper into the jungle and strained the tentative trading relationships the natives had established with the offworlders. With the rise of the Galactic Empire and its military expansion, demand for medical supplies escalated, which brought a full-scale Imperial seizure and occupation of Iakar. As the Iakaru had not yet developed hyperdrive technology, they were a rare sight on the Galaxy.

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