An IED Unit, which means Infiltrate, Execute, Detonate Unit was a machine that featured in an episode of Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends.

Design Edit

An IED Unit was a synthetic assassin that was considered almost unstoppable. It appeared as a black humanoid with yellow eyes and mechanical type hair. It was capable of blending into its surroundings through a type of cloaking mechanism that allowed it to camouflage itself to any surrounding. Its weaponry consisted of firing powerful energy blasts from its eyes. It was remarkably resilient and able to regenerate its limbs as well as absorb external power sources in order to reactivate.

They were capable of surviving a fall from an airplane and continue on without any damage. It was also designed to be quick allowing it to quickly move across its surroundings. This was also accomplished by moulding its appendages into sharper shapes giving the unit the appearance of a spider. It was also capable of extending its arms in order to grasp onto ledges or to attack enemies.

The Unit was equipped with a positronic DNA tracer allowing it to locate its target across great distances. It was single minded in its goals but destroyed anything that impeded its goal. In order to accomplish its goals, it was capable of interfacing with foriegn computer systems to better locate its prey. It was intelligent enough to separate its prey from its defenders in order to better eliminate it.

History Edit

One such IED Unit was imprisoned underground in a steel container in Nevada by the Global Alliance until Nick Logan accidently awakened it. This unit was stopped through relentless engagement that spanned across a week along with numerous Global Alliance casualties until its power core ran out.

Rinaker told Nick that it was targeting those that shared traits with Walter Logan, his father. However this was a lie, as the IED Unit stated that its target was Rinaker before being destroyed.

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