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The Hypnotoad is an amphibious creature whose origin is undetermined. Nor is it known if there are more of its kind. Despite its primitive form it has the unique ability to hypnotize any living creature to do its bidding. Thanks to its hypnotic abilities, the Hypnotoad has its own television show called "Everyone Loves Hypnotoad" which has great ratings, although it has been stated that it's gone downhill after a number of seasons, possibly meaning that after being hypnotized for an extreme period of time its ability becomes less effective.


  • Hypnotoad is likely based on the Star Control's Dnyarri, a race of frog-like creatures from planet Gillandy, who enslaved numerous races through mental compulsion.
  • There is some evidence that suggests that the Hypnotoad may be based upon the Dnyarri, although the physical resemblance is entirely lacking (minus the frog-basis).
  • An episode of Everyone Loves Hypnotoad comes with the DVD of Bender's Big Score. It is shown to be clips of the Hypnotoad using its powers (exactly the same image as seen above), which is interspliced with very sparse "scene changes" showing where they are. It is apparently filmed before a live studio audience as the audience reacts to, literally, nothing time and again.