Alien Species

Hynerians are a superior species in every way, though quite small compared to the standards of other bipedals studied thus far. Indeed, they appear to be at crotch level.


The main characteristics of a Hynerian is their skin, which is a regal green hue. They have no thinning of the neck from the shoulders to the head, instead it seems their head is merely an extension of the body. The cranium is also quite small, however the species possesses large ears and eyeballs, and indeed a large mouth. However, they have no nasal protrusion, so instead of having a nose they have two slits where the nostrils would be on the face, as Hynerians have no need for something as primitive nostrils. Hynerians also boast a life span of several hundred cycles, possibly even spanning up to a thousand.

Hynerians thus far studied seem to have small feet, which could be seen as paws. Their hands, while comprising of only a few digits, are capable of wielding tools and weapons with the best of them.

It is widely believed that the Hynerians are an amphibious species, which would help denote their thick, leathery green skin in regards to possibly a crocodile or alligator. They do, however, have a bizarre digestion system, boasting three stomachs and the ability to fart helium gas when nervous or frightened.


They appear to be greedy and power hungry and seem to operate on a caste system the highest caste being the Dominar. Older and wealthier Hynerian practice polygamy and is only limited by budget.'

While Hynerians are not a mystical race, they do have a belief in an afterlife as well as rich traditions surrounding birth, marriage and death. The Hynerians have a pantheon of gods, but they do not recognize a specific god or goddess, only acknowledging that there is a higher power. Hynerian religion reflects their morality, which are eminently practical to real-world problems rather than nebulous concepts of life after death. Rather than study philosphy, Hynerians prefer action rather than introspection.

Hynerian enjoy the visual arts and music but have very little time for physical pastimes like dance or sports. Due to their practical nature, the Hynerians developed technologies to overcome their physical limitations leading them to create the Hynerian Empire ten thousand years later.


  • Dominar: Sovereign of the Hynerian Empire.
  • Dominae: Consort or female counterpart of the Hynerian Empire.
  • Dungeons and Damsels: A game played by the children of the Hynerian royal family.
  • Flaunt the Power: A game played by the children of the Hynerian royal family.
  • Hynerian Ceremony of Passage: A Hynerian death ritual.
  • Hynerian Hallowed Realm: A Hynerian afterlife.
  • Hynerian Navy: Royal armed fleet of the Hynerian Empire
  • Palace of Suns, the Summer Palace built in the verdant southern hemisphere by Dominar Rygel IX.
  • ragas: Hynerian music.
  • Royal Documentors: Hynerian portraitists of the royal family.
  • Taunt the Butler: A game played by the children of the Hynerian royal family.
  • ThroneSled: A piece of hover technology that allows elite Hynerians to move.