Alien Species


XCOM2 Hybrid

Pratal Mox.

A common project undertaken by the Sectoids and the Aquatoids is creating crossbreeds of their own race with humans. The few Sectoid crossbreeds had survived the First and Second Alien Wars, but were generally looked down upon and discriminated by humans. It was at the time of the founding of the Mutant Alliance faction in Mega-Primus that these poor souls found solace. Now full fledged members of human society, they had even taken part in the struggle against the alien hordes in the Third Alien War.

Hybrids look human with some Sectoid traits, like baldness, ridged heads and bulbous eyes. They are weak physically, but make up for this in the incredible psionic abilities they inherited from the Sectoids.
X-Com may hire Hybrid agents as long as they are friendly with the Mutant Alliance.



ADVENT Hybrid.

In the reboot timeline, Hybrids make up the bulk of the ADVENT coalitions' forces after Earth was conquered by the alien invaders. These ADVENT soldiers were mass-produced clones controlled via a neural implant that linked their minds to the Ethereals' psionic network, making them mindlessly obedient and ultimately expendable peacekeepers of the alien occupation. Some Hybrids functioned as commanding officers, while others even possessed psionic abilities.

Occasionally, some Hybrids were disconnected from the psionic network due to a malfunction in their neural implants, allowing them to think for themselves. Such Hybrids were deemed defective and promptly killed upon discovery. However, others managed to escape this culling and established a resistance faction known as the Skirmishers. Determined to liberate the rest of their kind from ADVENT's control, the Skirmishers fought alongside XCOM against their creators. When the Ethereals were eliminated and ADVENT collapsed, the remaining Hybrids were granted sanctuary on Earth along with the other aliens who were also freed but stranded with no way off world. At least two Hybrids, Cherub and Zephyr, joined the ranks of XCOM as members of Chimera Squad. Most other Hybrids pursued civilian lifestyles, although some were abducted and brainwashed to become mindless thralls of the Progeny cult. Others still joined the ranks of Sacred Coil, an underground religious movement of ADVENT remnants who worshipped the Ethereals, drawn in by the false promise of a cure to a deadly Hybrid-exclusive disease known as the Fade. A Hybrid known as Nightingale was even elected as mayor of City 31, although her time in office was cut short after she was assassinated by the Shrike mercenary group.