The Huraloks were a race of reptiloids native to the planet Djurmo. Known for their vicious nature and their incredible longevity, Huraloks chose to remain separated from the rest of the galaxy. Interestingly, Huraloks hated each other as much as theu hated other races, and only came together to mate and decide on laws. They were known for their ability to pursue a grudge for decades until it was resolved, and preferred to manipulate other beings rather than dealing with them in a straightforward manner. The average Huralok was distinguished by its black-striped scales and triangular head, and stood about 1.5 meters in height. The hands and feet of a Huralok were tipped with thick claws that could be used to manipulate objects or tear into flesh. It was not uncommon for an individual Huralok to live for three centuries or more. During the height of the New Order, Huralok pirates regularly harassed Imperial convoys, and the long-running struggle between them became the fodder of many holodramas.

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