Humpbackus are predators of the Cephalod-ae from the planet Molluskus.

Notes Edit

  • Their name comes from the undersea mammal, the Humpback Whale.
    • Ironically, real Humpback Whales prefer to feed on crustaceans and small fish, as opposed to cephalopods. A more fitting animal to reference would have been the Sperm Whale, which is infamous for preying on giant squids.
  • The Humpbackus' level of sapience is currently unknown.
  • The Humpbackus were first revealed in tie-in media for the live-action stage production Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix.
    • When Derrick J. Wyatt canonized the Cephalod-ae into the original Ben 10 continuity, he also indirectly canonized the Humpbackus as well.
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