These flimsy humanoid creatures native to Mars are presumed to be the natural food source of the sapient, cephalopod-like Martians, which feed upon them by means of injecting the prey's blood directly into their own veins.

They are thin creatures, about six feet in height, and have siliceous skeletons, similar to those of siliceous sponges. Their heads are round, and have large eyes located in flinty sockets.

A bunch of them were taken along with the cephalopoid Martians as food stock during their invasion of Earth in 1898. Upon arrival on the planet, however, the humanoid Martians had already been consumed and the dominant Martians started harvesting Human blood instead. It has been noted that the humanoid Martians with their fragile skeletal structure and built would never have been able to survive under Earth's gravity anyway.


  • The War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells (1898)


  • In Wells' The Crystal Egg (which is often considered as taking place in the same universe as The War of the Worlds, being a sort of prelude to that novel), mention is made of a race of clumsy, ape-like bipeds with white skin that is partially translucent, living near the cities of the winged Martians and feeding upon lichenous trees. They appear to be preyed upon by the winged Martians, which have rounded heads and clutches of tentacles, and appear to somewhat resemble a winged variety of the War of the Worlds invaders. It is more than likely that these ape-like creatures represent an evolutionary relative of the humanoid Martian race, if not even the same species.
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