General Information
Homeworld Thera
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Humankind Universe

Humankind refers to a species of humans that inhabit the planet Thera.

Biology Edit

The Humankind are not actually natural born humans, but genetically engineered lifeforms created in the factories of Thera. Their design, such as eye color come in standard colors, with hazel being an anomaly.

History Edit

The Therans have been watching the planet Earth for hundreds of years. They created Humankind as a race of servant and lower classes, replicating their bodies and even culture.

Culture Edit

Humnkind are of the lower caste of society on Thera. They are aware of the existence of Earth, however the historical records that their Theran masters possess state Earth has become a desolate radioactive wasteland. Thus Earth is regarded as a mythical place to many humans and races on Thera.

Appearances Edit

  • Humankind Issue 001 (2004)
  • Humankind Issue 002 (2004)
  • Humankind Issue 003 (2004)
  • Humankind Issue 004 (2005)
  • Humankind Issue 005 (2005)
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