Humanised Dalek Colony on Kyrol

The Humanised Daleks were a renegade faction of Daleks who the Second Doctor had 'created' by implanting them with the Human Factor; the essence of what distinguished humanity from other species. They first appeared in the Doctor Who TV episode Evil of the Daleks (of which only the 2nd episode of the 7 episode serial still exists).

The implantation initially regressed the Daleks to a child-like state, although the Second Doctor explained that they would 'grow up' within a few hours. The most notable difference is that the Humanised Daleks possessed a greater range of emotions (pure Daleks mostly been devoid of emotions and only able to comprehend them) and a tendency to question orders rather then automatically obeying.

The Humanised Daleks ended up being the cause of a civil war on Skaro, in which they initially appeared to win as they overcame the pure Dalek's resistance and attacked the Dalek Emperor. However, they were eventually defeated by the pure Daleks and presumably wiped out, although a small number managed to escape during the civil war and created an underwater colony on the planet Kyrol.

Origins[edit | edit source]

As part of one of their plans to conquer Earth and later the Universe, the Daleks planned to use the Doctor to discover the Human Factor; the essence of what distinguished humanity from other species. The purpose of this was for the Daleks to use what he found to locate the Dalek Factor and use the Doctor's TARDIS to spread it across Earth's history; essentially


Doctor Who - The Evil of the Daleks - I Will Not Be Your Slave!

A Dalek tells the Doctor he will help the Daleks with an experiment

'converting' humanity into obedient slaves that the Daleks could use. In order to accomplish this, they set up a base on Earth in the 19th century, where the experiments of two men - Theodore Maxtible and Edward Waterfield - had been researching time travel with a chamber or mirrors and static electricity, which allowed the Daleks entry. They forced Edward to obey them by kidnapping his daughter Victoria and gaining Maxtible's alliance by promising to show him how to transmute base metals into gold.

The Daleks located the Doctor's TARDIS as the Doctor and his companion Jamie were saying goodbye to his companions Ben and Polly had it stolen. The Daleks eventually revealed themselves to the Doctor - threatening to destroy his TARDIS if he didn't help them discover the Human Factor by using Jamie as a guinea pig in a series of tests, although Edward fears that doing so would allow them to breed a race of 'Super-Daleks'. With no choice, the Doctor is forced to comply - extracting the Human Factor by forcing Jamie to rescue Victoria. The plan works, with the Doctor monitoring the process and recording several emotions including instinct, courage, mercy and self-preservation. He then proceeds to imprint them into positronic brains before implanting the Human Factor into three test Daleks. Jamie is not impressed with how the Doctor is collaborating the Daleks and how he used Jamie as a guinea pig for the experiment - even threatening to leave the Doctor due to having lost his faith in the Time Lord.


Doctor Who The Evil of The Daleks Episode 6 Animated CGI Reconstruction

The Doctor and the Humanised Daleks (CGI reconstruction of missing episode)

However, his attitude changes when the test Daleks are activated.

After been implanted with the Human Factor and activated, the three Daleks are revealed to have become similar to human children - taking the Doctor for a ride on their fenders, playing trains with each other and spinning around with the Doctor; displaying a sense of humor as when the Doctor says he is getting dizzy from the spinning, they playfully call out "Dizzy Doctor!". Jamie questions the Doctor on the humanised Dalek's intelligence, with the Doctor explaining that while the Daleks currently have a child-like mindset, they will 'grow up' in a matter of hours. Calling them to him, the Doctor introduces himself and Jamie to the humanised Daleks - stating to them that they are all friends (explaining to them what a friend is) before naming the trio Alpha, Beta and Omega as well as writing their names as a Greek symbol on their domes. After happily chanting their names, the humanised Daleks respond to an order to return to Skaro, with the Doctor and Jamie been forced to follow along with everyone else due to the Daleks putting a bomb in Maxtible's house.

Civil War and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Alpha, Beta and Omega were re-integrated with the other Daleks, although Omega is taken somewhere central in the city after he boasts to one of the Black Daleks about how the Doctor gave him his name; Alpha and Omega disappearing afterwards when they begin to question their orders. The Doctor tries to sneak into the city and appears to come across Omega, but realizes that it's an imposter as the symbol on Omega's dome is not the same as the Doctor drew it - the Doctor proceeding to throw the fake Omega over a cliff edge. However, he and Jamie are caught and the Doctor is taken before the Dalek Emperor. Initially, the Doctor states that he has won as the Humanised Daleks will start a revolution on Skaro which will bring about the Dalek's destruction. However, the Emperor counters that the three Humanised Daleks will be destroyed and that the Doctor's work has allowed the Daleks to discover the 'Dalek Factor' - with the Emperor revealing his plan to use the Doctor's TARDIS to spread the Dalek Factor across humanity's history.

The Dalek Factor proves to be effective on humans, as Maxtible is led through an archway that instills it in him; turning him into a Dalek slave. Maxtible later leads the Doctor through it and the Doctor appears to become a Dalek slave too. However, due to being a Time Lord, it has no effect on him - although the Doctor keeps up the ruse to secretly switch the archway's controls to instill the Human Factor instead, before convincing the Emperor to send all the Daleks through the


Doctor Who The Evil of The Daleks Episode 7 Animated CGI Reconstruction

The Dalek Civil War begins (Animated reconstruction of missing episode)

archway to 're-instill' the missing Humanised Daleks with the Dalek Factor. The plan works perfectly, as many Daleks are instilled with the Human Factor and begin to question their orders.

When the Black Daleks begin to attack, however, the Humanised Daleks fight back - beginning the civil war. As the two sides fight, with Alpha, Beta (and presumably Omega) leading the Humanised Daleks into battle, the Doctor urges them on - stating that the pure Daleks will kill them if they don't fight for their survival. As the Doctor escapes with Jamie and Victoria (whose father Edward was killed by a Dalek as he protected the Doctor), the Doctor states his belief that this civil war will be the 'final end' of the Daleks. In the city, the Humanised Daleks manage to reach the Dalek Emperor's chambers and attack him. Despite this, the Emperor survived the attack and the war would go on for days - with the Humanised Daleks eventually been outnumbered. As their consciousness and intelligence grew, Alpha realized the cause was lost and gathered together as many of the Humanised Daleks as he could before withdrawing; stealing a Dalek Saucer and escaping from Skaro during the chaos (It's unbeknown if Beta and Omega were with him or had been left behind/destroyed as they are no longer mentioned). The rest of the Humanised Daleks left on Skaro were wiped out by the pure Daleks, with the Second Doctor learning of this when he, Jamie and Victoria encountered a crashed Dalek Spaceship on another world - with the Doctor openly inquiring about their survival to the pure Daleks onboard the ship.

As Alpha and his brethren flew through space to look for a planet where they could be safe, both from their own species who hated them for their difference and from other species who hated them for being Daleks, they were detected by an alien known as Kata-Phobus - a multi-eyed Cephalopod who was the last of his species on Kyrol; having consumed the rest of his race. Sensing the potential for the development of psychokinetic energy in the

Birth of Azhra Korr

Humanised Daleks (which was a source of energy he could feed on), he used his own psychic abilities to telepathically call out to Alpha; luring him and the Humanised Daleks to Kyrol. The Humanised Daleks proceeded to settle in a cavern in the Asmada Ridge; using their technology to create a holographic shield to hide them and using their weaponry to carve through the rock before building their underground city of Azhra Korr, with Alpha (known to his fellow Daleks as "First-Born") as their leader. The Saucer that provided their original exodus away from Skaro became a temple to remember what they had been through.

Thanks to birthing technology in the Dalek Saucer, the Humanised Daleks were able to reproduce. However, due to the increasing numbers and harsh conditions, tensions grew which eventually led to murders taking place. In order to bring peace to Azhra Korr and stop a repeat of the war they had fled from, Alpha decreed that all but a few specially chosen 'defenders' would be stripped of their guns; successfully bringing peace to the city. As Kata-Phobus had predicted, the Humanised Daleks began to develop their psychokinetic abilities; been not only able to use Telekinesis to lift objects much bigger then themselves, but also enabling them to fly. The irony wasn't lost on Alpha that by focusing their minds and not spending every second trying to kill or destroy, the Humanised Daleks had become more powerful then their 'brothers' on Skaro.

The Humanised Daleks also held the Doctor in high regard, referring to him as their saviour due to him 'delivering them from the chains of servitude and hatred' and even crafting artwork of him. Alpha himself never doubted that he and his people would one day see the Doctor again.

End of the Humanised Daleks[edit | edit source]

Tensions began to rise again some decades later, however, as humans began to arrive on Kyrol to explore and colonize the world; with the Humanised Daleks - still aware that humanity would automatically hate and try to destroy

Izzy is captured by the Humanised Daleks

them - fearing discovery. Alpha managed to quell the tensions for the time being, but knew that eventually the Humans and Humanised Daleks would have to meet. Kata-Phobus also noticed humanity's presence on the planet and the potential threat they posed, and so sought a way to try and keep the two species apart by any means necessary.

One day, a human submarine called The Argus was exploring the Asmada Ridge to look for potential spots to mine Potranium - with the 8th Doctor and his human companion Izzy (who had previously become trapped in an aquatic alien body) also onboard as his friend Dr. Alison Lavelle was trying to help Izzy deal with her new body. The Doctor and Alison were running tests with Izzy outside the submarine, with Alison explaining that humanity had been surveying the oceans on Kyrol for 8 years; stating that the aquatic life on Kyrol was no bigger then their hands and the ocean currents were mild. The Doctor, however, remained concerned - stating his concerns with letting Izzy swim in an alien ocean and warning that the best predators are those that know how to stay hidden. Unbeknown to the humans, the Humanised Daleks were monitoring them as the humans had stationed themselves near the Asmada Ridge. Kata-Phobus, however, saw a way to end the human threat to his 'food source' and used his power to charge up an EMP Scythe before unleashing it against the Argus.

The attack crippled the submarine, which sank to the ocean floor and was at risk of its reactor core exploding due to

The Humanised Daleks recognise the Doctor

the fail-safes been wiped by the EMP and thus the coolant systems crashing. Kata-Phobus had determined that the explosion would irradiate the area, which wouldn't affect himself or the Humanised Daleks due to their holographic shield but would render the area a no-go zone for humans. However, Alpha - realizing the Argus was in trouble and refusing to stand idle - dispatched his defenders to stop the ship's reactor from exploding and to rescue the human crew. The defenders split into groups, with one group capturing Izzy (who had 'gotten high' on an adrenaline rush and swam further away from the submarine) and taking her back to Azhra Korr to be introduced to Alpha while the second group - led by a black Dalek named Makkith - entered the Argus; paralyzing the humans who resisted and capturing the others as they headed for the reactor core. Upon reaching it, the Doctor and Alison (still in their underwater exosuits) were already there and trying to restart the coolants; leading to their surprise as the Daleks fired cryo-spray at the fission rods and cooled them down enough for the ship's safety functions to take effect. As Alison questioned the Doctor about why the Daleks had saved them, the Humanised Daleks overheard and proceeded to scan the Doctor. Upon confirming his identity, Alison and the Doctor were both left surprised as the Daleks excitedly began to chant "All Hail The Saviour!"

Over the next few hours, the Humanised Daleks set to work  - with several groups attaching propulsion units to the Argus to both maintain its structural integrity and to generate an anti-gravity field that would allow the Daleks to control its movement. Inside, the Daleks kept the humans together in small groups, with the paralyzed humans regaining consciousness and both the Doctor and the crew wondering both why the Daleks had saved them without directly killing anyone (although some of the crew had died when the Argus had been attacked and they were blaming the Daleks for it) and why they were referring to the Doctor as their saviour. The Doctor was allowed by the Defenders to talk to Makkith in order to get some answers, although the Black Dalek explained to the Doctor that he was unable to explain the situation - simply stating that information would be disclosed by the 'First-Born' only. After activating

The Doctor reunites with Alpha.

the propulsion units, the Daleks led the damaged submarine through the holographic shield and into Azhra Korr - where the Doctor and the human crew were ordered to depart from the vessel as they were watched by thousands of Humanised Daleks.

As they did so, both the Doctor and Alison noticed both the numerous colour schemes of the Daleks (the Doctor believing it was some kind of hierarchy) and that all but a few had their gunsticks removed. On land, Izzy was reunited with the Doctor - stating that the Daleks had not harmed her in any way and had been almost polite to her, before adding that there was someone who wanted to meet the Doctor. It was at this point that the Doctor and the crew were introduced to the First-Born, whom the Doctor quickly realized was Alpha after recognizing the symbol he drew on Alpha's dome. The Doctor proceeded to explain to Izzy and the humans about how he was captured by the Daleks in the 19th century and forced to aid in their experiments to find the Human Factor; detailing the creation of the Humanised Daleks and the Dalek Civil War which he had previously believed had resulted in their destruction - adding that he should stop jumping to conclusions given the circumstance.

Alpha proceeded to show the Doctor around Azhra Korr; quickly proving how the Humanised Daleks had become more powerful then their 'brothers' on Skaro by telekinetically carrying the Doctor through the air while still being able to fly himself - to the Doctor's amazement as while he was aware that the Daleks could

Alpha shows the Doctor around Azhra Korr

generate psychokinetic energy (mentioning a group of Daleks on Exillon using it to power themselves), he was shocked at how much more advanced Alpha and the Humanised Daleks had become - with both himself and Alpha recognizing the irony of how much stronger they were when they had stopped trying to exterminate everything they saw on sight. As they flew around, the rest of the Daleks continued to chant as they still referred to the Doctor as their saviour - Alpha explaining that he and the rest of the Humanised Daleks held nothing but love for him as had been the one to 'liberate' them, with the Doctor's return been a joyous time for all of the city.

Despite Alpha's words, the Doctor correctly realized that the humans would not feel the same way, with the crew demanding to know what the Daleks were planning due to them 'exposing' themselves and questioning why the Daleks didn't just let the crew die when the Argus was hit. Alpha countered that if he and his people hadn't intervened to save the crew, they would have been no better than murderers - explaining that his people have pledged to preserve life. Furthermore, he adds that he and his people were not responsible for the attack on the Argus - although he pointed out that the secrecy of Azhra Korr would be maintained as several Daleks levitated a giant weapon over the submarine before blasting it - destroying the Argus. At this point, Alpha declared to the humans that their previous lives were over and that Human and Humanised Daleks alike would live together as one society and learn from each other.

Just three days into the humans stay in Azhra Korr, however, tensions quickly begin to reach their boiling point as Makkith and another defender named Suktari discuss all that has happened. Although Makkith is willing to give Alpha's idea of Human/Humanised Dalek co-existence a try and give humanity a chance, Suktari is more pessimistic - declaring that the humans would always hate the Humanised Daleks regardless and speculates that they will breed, grow in strength and kill them while they sleep. He also criticized humanity's "pollution" of their culture and the fact that the human crew had been given the finest residences in the city, while Skaro-veterans from the original Exodus had been moved out to make way for them. Finally, he pointed out that humanity's fear of them was spreading through the rest of Azhra Korr as many were beginning to openly talk about the destruction of their society -

Alpha has the Doctor promise not to leave

concluding that this forced co-existence would only end in blood. The human crew were indeed fearful, with some panicking about what they thought the Daleks would do to them, and were planning to find a way to overcome the Daleks and re-establish contact with the colonists on Kyrol's surface.

The Doctor also was critical of Alpha's plan and suggested that a compromise must be made; Alpha, however, maintained his belief that while the human crew may never trust him or his people, he speculated that their 'descendants' may think of them differently. The Doctor was shocked at Alpha's speculation, although Alpha explained that his people were the most hated race in the universe with all others (including their 'brothers' on Skaro) wishing for their demise and his belief that with the Doctor's return, there would be a good outcome. Changing the subject, the Doctor requested access to a laboratory to rig up an Electromagnetic tracer in order to find out where the EM Pulse that crippled the Argus had come from. Alpha accepted this, but extracted a promise from the Doctor that he would not attempt to contact the humans on the planet surface - a promise the Doctor had no intention of keeping.

War erupts between the Humans and Humanised Daleks

Alpha directed the Doctor to a laboratory to meet with a Green Scientist Dalek named Adellus - with Adellus shyly declaring how been able to work with the Doctor is the greatest honour he could hope to achieve. Accepting the compliment, the Doctor explains to Adellus that he needs his help to build a handheld E-M Tracer that is capable of scanning through potranium-laced rock. As the Doctor sends Adellus to get some focusing coils, he steals a portable version of the anti-gravity propulsion unit, similar to those used to rescue the Argus. He later proceeds to give the unit to Izzy - tasking her with swimming into the wreck of the Argus and attaching the propulsion unit to the TARDIS, which was still within the wreck. Izzy - after escaping one of the Humanised Daleks who was watching her as she swam - succeeded, but both she and the TARDIS were captured by Kata-Phobus. Meanwhile, after he and Adellus succeeded in creating the E-M Tracer (and after he had failed to calm down the human crew and stop them from provoking a conflict), the Doctor and Alpha prepared to descend into the bay. Although Makkith and Suktari both offer to go in Alpha's place, Alpha remains firm that he and the Doctor alone will investigate.

As the Doctor and Alpha depart, however, a small team of the human crew put their plan into effect - attacking Suktari and stealing his weapon before killing him with it as they managed to get onboard the Exodus ship; successfully blasting their way onboard before managing to activate the communications array; finally contacting the surface and informing them about the Dalek Hive. Elsewhere, the rest of the humans began to battle the Humanised Daleks after one of the crew - Carol - angrily throws a sculpted rock at one of the

The Doctor and Alpha meet Kata-Phobus

Daleks, blinding it as the rock breaks off its eyestalk.

Traveling through the underwater tunnels, the Doctor questions why Alpha and the Humanised Daleks have never explored the tunnels surrounding Azhra Korr - which are covered in mysterious symbols. Alpha admits that for himself or any Dalek that traveled into the tunnels, they were overcome with a terrible apprehension and couldn't proceed any further; Alpha claiming it is the Doctor's presence that is enabling him to have the courage to do it this time, to the point of admitting he would gladly give up his own life to protect both his own people and the Doctor. After reaching a wall, behind which is the EM source, Alpha blasts a hole through the wall before the pair come face-to-face with Kata-Phobus. After introducing himself, Kata-Phobus states that it was him who led Alpha and the Humanised Daleks to Kyrol and has protected them from 'alien incursion', to which the Doctor correctly concludes that Kata-Phobus attacked the Argus to irradiate the area underwater and keep other humans away. Kata-Phobus admits to this - as well as claiming he did not foresee that Alpha's selfless concern for other lifeforms would extend to the human crew - explaining to Alpha the 'folly' of his decision by showing him a telepathic image of the humans and Humanised Daleks fighting each other and making an offer to Alpha for them to team up and destroy the humans.

The Doctor intervenes and points out to Alpha that Kata-Phobus is a Predator and continues that, despite his claims to care for Alpha and his people, Kata-Phobus never showed himself when Alpha and the Humanised Daleks arrived on Kyrol. Furthermore, the Doctor adds that with Kata-Phobus having telepathic capabilities, he could potentially manipulated the conflict and so to not trust him. Kata-Phobus counters, however, by revealing that he has captured Izzy and the TARDIS and - having read Izzy's mind - has seen that the Doctor planned to rescue the humans. Horrified and furious at the Doctor having broken his word, Alpha declares that the Doctor is not a saviour and - despite the Doctor explaining that he was trying to help both sides for the benefit of all - tries to exterminate the Doctor as Kata-Phobus eggs Alpha on to do it. Forced to dodge Alpha's blasts, the Doctor tricks Alpha into hitting Kata-Phobus with a blast - wounding him

Alpha self-destructs

and allowing the Doctor to rescue Izzy and his TARDIS by activating the propulsion unit. As the Doctor and Izzy return to Azhra Korr and try to warn everyone of the danger they're in, Kata-Phobus - with Alpha restrained in one of his tentacles - rises into the air from the bay.

Kata-Phobus explains that he devoured the last of his people and so, in looking for another food source, lured the Humanised Daleks to Kyrol after detecting their potential for the development of psychokinetic energy. After luring them to Kyrol and allowing them to reproduce and enhance their powers, Kata-Phobus begins to drain the psychokinetic energy from all the Humanised Daleks to satisfy his hunger; the action leaving the Humanised Daleks paralyzed. Comparing himself to a 'farmer' and stating that his actions will only leave the Daleks drained for a while, Kata-Phobus explains that he intends to use the power he has gained from them to destroy all the humans on Kyrol - starting with the humans in Azhra Korr. Alpha's loyalty to his people and his selflessness win through, however, as he weakly calls out to his people that they came to Kyrol

The Doctor and Izzy look sadly at Alpha's remains

to live in peace and choose their own path; never to be slaves or weapons again. With no other options remaining, Alpha calls out to the Humanised Daleks to have the courage to take the final option - sacrificing their lives.

Alpha and the rest of the Humanised Daleks proceed to self-destruct all at once - to the shock of the Doctor and Izzy, the human crew and to Kata-Phobus, who is unable to handle the sudden interruption of his feeding and is killed as he himself explodes. As the Doctor and human crew look over the destruction, the Doctor explains that it was their simultaneous self-destruction was what killed Kata-Phobus - going as far as to say "The Daleks died as they lived - one people, united to the end". While some of the humans were genuinely surprised that the Humanised Daleks had sacrificed themselves to save them, others weren't so thankful - with one of the crew coldly stating that "the only good Dalek is a dead Dalek". Disgusted by this, both Izzy and the Doctor leave the humans behind to be picked up by the rescue they had succeeded in calling; after which Izzy asked the Doctor what was on his mind, to which the Doctor replied that he was trying (and failing) to work out the difference between him and Kata-Phobus as he had originally created Alpha and the Humanised Daleks to be weapons against the Dalek Emperor - stating "Something very special died today, Izzy. And I helped kill it".

Izzy tried to comfort the Doctor as she pointed out that he had tried his best to help both sides - pointing out that even if Kata-Phobus hadn't been there, Alpha's incorrect belief that the Doctor was a 'perfect being' would have driven him ballistic sooner or later. Needless to say, the Doctor acknowledges that he still set the whole tragedy in motion, and that the death of Alpha and the Humanised Daleks would haunt him for a long time.

Similar instances of 'Humanised' Daleks[edit | edit source]

Metaltron - the 'Last' Dalek

Although the Humanised Daleks were destroyed, there would be similar instances of Daleks acquiring human emotions through other means after the Last Great Time War.

Metaltron[edit | edit source]

The first instance was a Dalek soldier which narrowly survived the end of the Time War by accidentally falling through space and time - falling to Earth like a meteorite and crash-landing on the Ascension Islands before burning in its crater for three days; screaming all the time. The damaged Dalek - with its gun no longer operable - was sold at auction several times and passed from collection to collection of different buyers. It eventually ended up in 'The Vault' - an underground museum in Utah owned by billionaire Henry Van Statten, with the museum containing a variety of alien artifacts both functional and defunct. The Dalek - named "Metaltron" by Van Statten - was the only living creature in the museum and was chained up 30 floors down in a room called "the Cage". Van Statten viewed the Dalek only as a specimen, a 'pet' and the pride of his collection, although his desire for the

Simmons tortures the Dalek (CCTV footage)

Dalek to talk to him (the Dalek remaining silent) resulted in him hiring a sadistic man called Simmons to continuously torture the Dalek into eventually talking. Although it screamed in pain at the abuse it was forced to suffer, the Dalek never spoke and - unbeknown to all - was broadcasting a distress signal.

The signal was picked up by the TARDIS, bringing the 9th Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler to the Vault in 2012 - where the two were captured - with Rose been taken by a British man called Adam Mitchell (who purchased alien artifacts at auction for Van Statten). The Doctor was later told about the Metaltron after he correctly identified an alien artifact as a musical instrument, with the Doctor been brought to the cage and locked inside. Upon identifying himself, the Dalek immediately tried to exterminate him but failed due to its non-functional weapon; the Doctor proceeding to taunt it and declare - after the Dalek stated that it was 'waiting for orders' as that was the purpose it was bred - that its orders would never come as it was the last of its kind due to the Doctor wiping out all the Daleks in the Time War. However, the Dalek in turn taunted him when the Doctor admitted that his own people had all died at the same time - referring to the Doctor as a 'coward' and claiming, much to the Doctor's anger, that they were the same. The Doctor then attempted to kill the Dalek by electrocuting it, but was stopped by Van Statten and his guards. After the Dalek still refused to talk to him, Van Statten ordered Simmons to resume his torture of the Dalek to make it talk again while he and his assistant Diana Goddard talked to the Doctor to learn more about the Dalek. However, Simmons torture of the Dalek was witnessed by Rose over CCTV, who - unaware of the Doctor's hatred of the Daleks or how dangerous they were - was taken to the Cage by Adam to see the Dalek.

Upon entering the cage and trying to talk to the Dalek, the Dalek initially remained silent but upon Rose asking the Dalek if it was in pain and identifying herself as a friend of the Doctor, the Dalek sensed an opportunity to escape - as the Daleks had adapted their armour during the Time


Doctor Who - Dalek - Clip 3

The 'Metaltron' Dalek escapes and restores itself

War to pick up the 'background radiation' gained from traveling through time as a power supply. As such, the Dalek started talking to Rose - playing on her emotions by stating it was in pain and dying as a result of the torture inflicted upon it. It also stated that it was glad that Rose was the only human it had met who wasn't afraid. When Rose asked if there was anything she could do, the Dalek simply lowered its eyestalk and declared "My race is dead...I shall die alone". Trying to comfort the Dalek, Rose unwittingly put her hand on the Dalek's casing before Adam could stop her - pulling her hand of as the Dalek appeared to burn her. In truth, the Dalek had extrapolated her DNA and absorbed it to reconstruct its damaged body within its armour. It also used the background radiation it had acquired from Rose's DNA to partially rejuvenate its strength; allowing it to break the chains holding it down. When Simmons tried to stop the Dalek from escaping - taunting it in the process as its gun was still non-functional - the Dalek responded by attaching it's manipulator arm to Simmon's face and crushing his skull. Unbeknown to the Dalek, by absorbing Rose's DNA and using it to reconstruct it's damaged cellular structure, it was mutating into something new.

Although the Cage was locked down following the Dalek's escape with a digital combination lock, the Doctor pointed out that - despite the lock having a billion possible combinations - the Dalek was intelligent enough to figure it out. Sure enough, the Dalek unlocked the door and continued on as a barrage of bullet fire from the Guards just

The Dalek kills the guards

ricocheted off its armour. As one of the Guards (a woman named Di Maggio) led Rose and Adam away, the Dalek headed for a computer screen and - using its manipulator arm - began to absorb energy; restoring its armour to its pre-damaged state. The energy it absorbed drained the base (with only the emergency power intact), the power supplies for all of Utah and even drained the entire west coast of the USA of its power. In the process, the Dalek also absorbed the entire Internet - giving it complete knowledge of Earth. It was also able to use Earth's Satellites and Radio Telescopes to search for the Daleks, but found nothing. Having absorbed all the energy it needed, the Dalek tested its gunstick before activating its forcefield to protect itself. As more guards arrived, they open fired on the Dalek from both in front and behind it. However, the Dalek's force-field melted the bullets before they reached its armour, while a new adaption allowed its midsection to spin around without the Dalek moving - allowing the Dalek to effortlessly kill all the guards before continuing onward.

Rose, Adam and Di Maggio traveled up some stairs - believing that due to the Dalek not having legs, it would be stuck. When the Dalek arrived behind them at the base of the stairs, it initially appeared to be the case as the Dalek

The Dalek shows its ability to fly

stopped and simply looked up at them - with Adam taunting its inability to get up the stairs and Di Maggio, while accepting that imprisoning the Dalek was maybe wrong, ordered it to surrender, to stop killing people and return to its Cage; adding that Van Statten would be willing to talk if the Dalek wanted to negotiate. The Dalek simply responded by declaring "Elevate!" before revealing it had the ability to fly, thanks to an anti-gravity system under its 'skirt'. At Di Maggio's order, Rose and Adam continued to flee while Di Maggio opened fire on the Dalek in a futile attempt to stop it - her scream echoing down the corridor as the Dalek exterminated her. In Van Statten's office, the Doctor explained to him that the Dalek wouldn't negotiate - pointing out that if it escapes the Vault, it will murder every living creature and will start with the 1,000,000 people in Salt Lake City, which is nearest to the base. When Van Statten demands why, the Doctor replies that a Dalek is "the ultimate in racial cleansing" and believes that anything different from it is wrong/inferior and therefore it has just cause to exterminate them.

At the Doctor's instruction a gathering of guards, scientists and other individuals - all given guns - assembled to make


Doctor Who - Dalek - Water and Electricity

The Dalek faces off against the human's last stand

a final stand against the Dalek, with the Doctor explaining that while the Dalek's force-field would melt the bullets before they hit the shell, there was a better chance of the bullets getting through if the group concentrated their fire; adding that the Dalek's dome (most notably its eyepiece) was its weakest point. After the group let Rose and Adam past, the Dalek arrived. Before attempting to continue, however, it turned its head to look at Rose and zoomed in on her briefly. Rose noticed this and pointed it out to Adam that the Dalek had looked right at her, with Adam stating that the Dalek was looking all around and wanted to slaughter them, Rose replied "It's like there's something inside, looking at me it knows me". The two carried on up the steps while the group of Guards and other armed humans opened fire on the Dalek; a scene which was watched through CCTV by the Doctor, Van Statten and Diana Goddard. The Dalek was unphased by the gunfire and proceeded to levitate into the air before shooting the fire alarm, triggering the sprinklers. Once the water was high enough, the Dalek used two shots from its gun to electrocute all the armed personnel at once - killing them painfully.

After witnessing the last stand fail and with seemingly no alien weapons they could deploy against the Dalek, the Doctor brought up an earlier idea that Van Statten had made and arguably their only option left; seal the Vault. Van Statten explained that the base was originally designed to be a bunker in the event of a nuclear war and was fitted


"You Would Make A Good Dalek" - Dalek - Doctor Who - BBC

The Dalek talks to the Doctor

with large Steel Bulkheads that could be closed, with the option being available that - if the Doctor and Van Statten re-routed the emergency power to close the Bulkheads - they could trap the Dalek inside the vault and thus protect the outside world from the Dalek. As they discussed the plan, the Dalek contacted them through the CCTV to talk to the Doctor only - explaining how it regenerated from extrapolating the biomass from Rose's DNA due to her being a time traveler, as well as its frustration about where it will receive its orders as despite scanning Earth's Satellites and Radio Telescopes after downloading the Internet, it hasn't found the Daleks. Initially, the Dalek states it will simply follow its instinct to destroy and conquer, to which the Doctor questions the purpose of as the Daleks as a species are all gone - offering the Dalek an order of his own for it to commit suicide. The Dalek rejects this by stating that its species must survive, to which the Doctor rants for it to die. In response, the Dalek taunts the Doctor by stating "You would make a good Dalek" before cutting off its connection and continuing to follow Rose and Adam.

The Doctor and Van Statten manage to re-route the emergency power to the Bulkhead doors, although the Doctor is

The Dalek prepares to exterminate Rose

forced to call Rose to tell her and Adam to get to Level 46 as he was preparing to seal the Vault; adding "I can't wait and I can't help you". Adam and Rose continued and managed to reach Level 46 - with the Dalek close behind - although the Doctor was forced to initiate the closing of the Bulkheads as, due to the system failing, Van Statten was struggling to maintain the emergency power. Adam managed to get to the other side by rolling underneath the closing door, but Rose wasn't fast enough and ended up trapped on the other side. As the Dalek approached, she told the Doctor that it wasn't his fault and that she wouldn't have missed traveling with him for the world before saying goodbye - the Doctor removing his earpiece as he heard the Dalek shout "Exterminate!" and fire its gun.

Unbeknown to anyone else at the time, the Dalek had not killed Rose - finding itself unable to kill her. Rose began to talk to the Dalek, herself confused at why it hadn't killed her,

I Am Contaminated!

with the Dalek stating that it is its purpose to kill before explaining that it cannot kill her as it feels her fear; despite the fact that Daleks shouldn't feel the fear of others. It again tries to kill Rose, but can only shoot to both sides of her - declaring "You gave me life - what else have you given me?" as it feels that Rose has somehow contaminated it. With neither Rose or the Dalek able to get any further, the Dalek makes a plan to get past the bulkhead as it moves behind Rose and contacts the Doctor through the CCTV - telling him to open the bulkhead otherwise it will kill Rose; taunting him by saying "what use are emotions if you will not save the woman you love?" With the Doctor unable to see Rose die again, he relented and opened the Bulkhead before the Dalek and Rose headed through - with Rose in front of the Dalek's gun. With some new information from Adam, however, the Doctor learns that he has kept a stash of uncatalogued alien weapons (due to Van Statten frequently disposing of his staff and wiping their memories when he does so) in case he needed to fight his way out one day. After searching through several of the weapons (the majority of which were broken and one was actually a hairdryer), the Doctor finds a functional alien gun/cannon with enough power to destroy the Dalek.

During their lift ride up to Van Statten's office on Level 01, Rose tried to convince the Dalek - which was twitching its gun and head uncomfortably  - not to kill Van Statten, to which the Dalek questionned both why it shouldn't as well as what it was as it couldn't fufill its function when it tried to kill Rose. Upon arriving, the Dalek angrily back Van Statten against a wall as it demanded to know why Van Statten had tortured it - to which Van Statten eventually responded that he had done so just because he wanted the Dalek to talk. As the Dalek prepared to kill Van Statten, Rose again managed to stop it - saying that the Dalek didn't need to kill anymore and asked it what it wanted, to which the Dalek stated that it wanted its freedom. Allowing Van Statten to live, the Dalek and Rose headed into Level 01, with the Dalek blasting a hole in the roof to let the sunlight from the surface stream in - opening its casing to allow its true form to feel the sunlight. The Doctor soon appeared behind Rose and ordered her to get out of the way, explaining that he had nothing left as the Daleks had destroyed his home and his people. Rose, however, refused and pointed out how the Dalek was changing as it


Doctor Who - Dalek - Inside a Dalek

The Dalek self destructs

hadn't killed her or Van Statten and only wanted to bathe in the sunlight - before criticizing the Doctor about how he seemed to be changing.

The Doctor and the Dalek began to talk to each other, with the Doctor explaining to the Dalek that - by absorbing Rose's DNA - the Dalek was mutating into 'something new', with the Dalek admitting it could feel many ideas but also a lot of darkness. Unable to cope with this and referring to it "not as life, but as sickness", it asked Rose to give it the order to commit suicide. Rose at first refused, but relented as the Dalek ironically ordered her to order its death after stating it shall not be like her. As Rose and the Doctor watched, the Dalek closed its casing before activating its self destruct - seemingly ending the Dalek species. 

Dalek Sec[edit | edit source]

Following the 10th Doctor's actions during the Battle of Canary Wharf in 2006, the Cult of Skaro - a group of four Daleks who were created by the Emperor to "imagine" new ways of killing and survival - each used an 'Emergency Temporal Shift' to escape been sucked into the void with the Daleks and

The Doctor and Martha find one of the abandoned embryos.

Cybermen. The Temporal shift resulted in the four daleks becoming stranded in New York in 1930. Trying to survive, the cult set up a base underneath the incomplete Empire State Building and first tried to grow new Dalek Embryos. However, the plan was abandoned after the flesh of the embryos was found to be too weak to survive.

Following this, the Cult realized that the greatest resource on the planet at the time was humanity - with the Daleks (enlisting the aid of a human called Mr Diagoras - a former WWI soldier and American businessman in charge of the Empire State Building's construction) stealing humans for their purposes. Those who were ranked with low intelligence were converted into 'Pig-Slaves', who would be used to capture more humans and to perform manual labor - although the lifespan of the slaves would only last a few weeks. Those who were ranked with higher

Mr Diagoras with Dalek Caan.

intelligence would be taken to the laboratories, where their minds would be wiped and their bodies prepared for the 'Final Experiment'.

The number of humans taken for the final experiment totaled over 1000 - with the plan been to save the Dalek race by turning the humans they had captured into Human-Dalek hybrids. The Empire State building would be instrumental in achieving this, as a solar flare was heading towards Earth - with its Gamma radiation been sufficient to splice the human and dalek genetic codes together and awaken each of the 1000 bodies prepared. To ensure this success, Dalek Thay - one of the cult - allowed several pieces of his Dalekanium armour to be used to be placed around the mast where the lightning conductor was based.


Dalek Hybrid = Human Sacrifice - Daleks in Manhattan - Doctor Who - BBC

Dalek Sec 'joins' with Mr Diagoras

With the flare accelerating, the Daleks prepared for the final experiment. Mr Diagoras was brought before Dalek Sec before been restrained by the Pig Slaves. After a 'Chromatin solution' was completed in advance, Sec revealed that he planned to merge with Mr. Diagoras as the first part of the experiment. Although his fellow cult members objected, Sec declared that the Dalek's purity must be discarded if their race was to survive - adding that their purity and quest for supremacy had brought them to the brink of extinction and had left them hiding in the sewers on a primitive world. Continuing, Dalek Sec opened up his casing before forming a cocoon around Mr. Diagoras and beginning his hybridization.

Although his fellow cult members wanted to stop the process part-way through as Dalek Sec showed signs of failing,


A Human Dalek - Daleks in Manhattan - Doctor Who - BBC

Dalek Sec completes his 'Evolution'

Sec urged them to continue and to give him an injection of the to assist him. It worked, and Sec soon entered the final step of his 'evolution'. Meanwhile, Martha (the Doctor's companion) had been kidnapped by the Pig Slaves - with the Doctor and Tallulah (an actress at the theater) managing to track the group down after been helped by a man called Lazlo (Tallulah's boyfriend who had partially been converted into a Pig Slave but escaped before the Daleks could alter his mind). As the group of human prisoners (along with the Doctor and Martha) were led to the laboratory under the Empire State Building and watched, Sec's casing opened up and revealed Dalek Sec - the first human/dalek hybrid.

The Doctor talks to Dalek Sec.

Following this, the Doctor revealed himself - learning how the Cult had escaped the Battle of Canary Wharf before asking Sec how it felt to be a 'human dalek'. Sec's answer - which initially was that Sec felt humanity but then focused on humanity's negative traits - angered the Doctor, who claimed they had learnt nothing from the final experiment. He then used a radio he had brought with him and his sonic screwdriver to emit a high pitched sound - giving him and the human prisoners a chance to escape. Dalek Caan and Dalek Jast pursued him along with several pig slaves but failed to catch them. After sending the Pig Slaves back to their base, both Caan and Jast confided with each other about their doubts following Dalek Sec's transformation. Back in the base, Sec inspected the remains of the broken radio - slowly gaining more humanity as a result of his transformation.

As Dalek Sec and Thay remained at the base and watched through Caan's eye, Dalek Jast and Caan later attacked Hooverville in Central Park, assisted by a small army of their pig slaves. When Hooverville's leader Solomon stood up


Doctor Who - Evolution of the Daleks - The Doctor surrenders himself to the Daleks

The Daleks kill Solomon and capture the Doctor

to Caan and Jast and attempted to reason with them, Sec pointed out to Thay that "for all of [humanity's] faults, they still show courage". However, his appreciation of this turned to horror after Caan exterminated Solomon. However, Sec ordered Caan to spare the Doctor and bring him back to the Empire State Building - as well as ordering Caan to obey the Doctor's order to spare the humans. When Thay questionned why Sec saved the Doctor, Sec responded that the Doctor was a genius and that the future of the Dalek Race may depend upon him if they could use him to help. When the Doctor arrived at their base, he was surprised when Sec declared the deaths caused were wrong - in particular referring to Solomon's courage as 'excellent' - before explaining the full extent of the final experiment by showing him the humans they had prepared for it. Explaining further, Sec explained that a solar flare would soon hit the Earth, with the lightning been drawn to the conductor on top of the Empire State Building - the gamma radiation from it been strong enough to splice the human and dalek genomes together and awaken the human bodies from their 'sleep'.

Sec reveals the plan for the Final Experiment.

Although the Doctor warned Sec the other cult members won't let Sec complete his task due to the Dalek's extreme focus on their supremacy and racial purity, Sec remains assured of his place in their hierarchy despite becoming a hybrid. Asking for the Doctor's help both in creating the new race and finding them a new home for the 'New Daleks' to start again. Seeing how far Sec was prepared to go to save his species, to the point of changing everything that made a Dalek what it was, the Doctor agreed to help and so formed an alliance with his greatest foes - slowly gaining some respect for Sec as a result. Although Lazlo questioned the Doctor quietly on whether Sec could be trusted, the Doctor stated that there could be hope.

The Cult betrays Dalek Sec.

The gene solution was soon prepared and was transferred into the human bodies waiting via line feeds. However, the rest of the Cult rebelled against Sec's plan - changing the gene feed from the human/dalek DNA to 100% Dalek DNA and using the Pig Slaves to restrain Sec and chain him to the wall, stating he was longer a Dalek and had lost his authority. As the Daleks were temporarily distracted, Lazlo helped the Doctor escape to the top floor. On the top, Martha (who had come in a service elevator with Tallulah and Frank - a young man from Hooverville) told the Doctor that three strips of Dalekanium had been attached to the mast and that he would have to remove them - but with only a few minutes to do so.

The Doctor stands before the Daleks - with Sec in chains.

The Doctor ultimately failed to remove all the Dalekanium due to accidentally dropping his Sonic Screwdriver, but managed to hinder the rest of the Cult's plot by clinging to the mast above the Dalekanium; allowing his Time Lord DNA to be spliced with the Dalek DNA. Sec and the rest of the cult were unaware of this as Caan took control of the Cult and initiated a war footing with the converted 'Dalek Humans' - giving them weapons and using the sewer system to spread the hybrids across New York and capture more humans for conversion. The Doctor guessed their plan, however, and used the theater to draw them out; alerting them to his position using his sonic screwdriver. Not long after, numerous Dalek humans arrived inside while Dalek Thay and Jast also entered the theater - bringing along Dalek Sec, who was forced to crawl alongside them while still in chains.

As the Doctor stood before them, he criticized the Dalek's plan as well as their treatment of Dalek Sec - who the Doctor referred to as "the cleverest Dalek ever" and "the only creature who may have led the Daleks out of the darkness". Dalek Sec added to this by warning that if the Daleks continued to choose death and destruction, that it in turn

Sec is exterminated by Dalek Thay.

would choose them. The Daleks rejected this statement as they felt they would always survive, before the pair prepared to exterminate the Doctor. However, Sec proved he had truly changed as he begged them not to before throwing himself in front of Dalek Thay's shot - sacrificing himself to save the Doctor. Disgusted by what he had witnessed, the Doctor again criticized the Daleks for murdering their own leader before questioning the hybrids on whether they saw what a Dalek really was. The Doctor's actions led to the hybrids turning on the Cult and destroying Thay and Jast. However, Caan in turn killed all the hybrids by activating their 'destruct' - with the entire hybrid race been killed by a high-pitched noise in their heads - before using his emergency temporal shift to escape. It's unbeknown what happened to Dalek Sec's body, but the Doctor most likely disposed of it.

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