Human Sapir is a species native to the planet Roonya. They were a ancestor race to what would become the elven race in the Universe.

Biology Edit

Originally adapted to the wild, the humans were selectively breed by the hekirs to suit their needs. As a result humans began to develop more attractive characteristics, longer multi-color hair, and eye size. In addition they were breed to be nearly immune to every hekir diseases.

History Edit

On the planet Rooyna the avian hekirs arose as the dominant species. The hekir civilization was mostly situated on the Fixup continent. The hekirs were totally content to inhabit their continent of Fixup, believing that anything further was empty sea. It wasn't until the hekirs advanced to the point of understanding nuclear energy did they launched their first satellite and discovered the tropical continent of Lubar. New possibilities for the avian who sent out expeditions to explore the rich resources of the new frontier.   

One of their most memorable discoveries was the island of Beo that neighbored Lubar. It was here that an hekir scientist by the name of Flexorboot made a discovery that immortalized what was supposed to be a simple ore survey. The geologist had come across two strange animals playing by a large tree. The creatures were curious at to what creature Flexorboot and allowed the hekir to approach them. Flexorboot eager to show this new animal to his colleagues at camp took one of the creatures back with him.

Unfortunately what he assumed was a full grown creature was just a child, its parent having discovered its young kidnapped violent retaliated and attacked the camp. The geologist was killed by the animal's bare hands. The surviving geology team managed to shot the beast dead. This was first encounter with a new species for the hekirs. The team hence fore called the creature a "Human" after a hekir god that committed a grave sin and cast by the other gods to earth, stripping him of his feathers.

Since that fateful encounter the hekir expeditions became more cautious and armed. To their delight the hekis found the taste of human meat to their liking and began to actively hunt the humans. The humans though wild animals were capable of using simple sticks as weapons were no match for the firearems of the hekirs and were either killed or captured. The hekirs eventually brought many humans back to Fixup where they became a sensation. Humans were featured in zoos as exotic animals, merchandise were made and sold based on their image, and even movies were made.

Breeding corporations were made to create new breeds of humans as pets and a source of meat for their hekir clients.

Eventually by the time the hekir became to reach the space age, the hekirs were investing in genetic research to create a new type of human: Human Sapir. Human Sapir was a concept developed by science fiction fantasy of a truly intelligent human that rivals a hekir’s intelligence.

The Human Profit Corporation was established to breed new strains of humans. Other competing companies such as the Human Breeding Corporation, GeneTech, MicRobot, MacRobot also joined the business of human exploitation. A female hekir named Trinci was the leading scientist of the Human Breeding Corporation headed a project to make the fantasy of Human Sapir possible. Thirty years later the corporations have yet to produce results in creating a true Human Sapir, Trinci to assist her deaf impair child, Gigo, raised a human boy as her own named Zax. Zax was able to easily communicate through sign language and through the years mentally developed. Trinci kept this a secret from the rest of her colleagues. To aid Zax in understanding hekir speech she developed a headset that allowed him to understand radio transmissions and also to communicate with hekirs.

Zax grew increasingly disturbed by the treatment of his kind, especially after a gruesome trip to a human meat market, believing that his kind deserved to be free. His thoughts of freedom became more embolden when the Human Breeding Corporation unveiled the first female Human Sapir: Muica. Zax entranced by her realized that she was being mistreated by her captors and upon discovering that there were at least six hundred supposed Human Sapir, resolved to save them. Trinic's superiors at the Human Profit Corporation, desperate for a breakthrough to overtake their corporate rival learned of Trinci's secret project. Just as Zax left on his mission to free the Human Sapir, the Corporation arrested his adopted family.

After freeing the human captives, Zax and his small army of Human Sapirs launched an attack on a hekir military base where his adopted mother and sister were kept. Learning that the base contained biological weapons and an antidote, Zac unleashed them and injected the antidote to his followers and family. Roonya was contaminated by the plague, however Zax gave the hekirs a chance to escape using what little ships the hekirs had so long as Roonya was his to claim. The surviving hekirs retreated to their space station to migrate to the nearest uninhabited world to rebuild their civilization.

Millions of years later the Human Spair would give rise to the elven race.

Appearances Edit

  • Breeding Humans by Harold King (2017)
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