Hulking Alien
General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Earth (immigrated)
Body Type Humanoid
Skin Colors White
Locomotion Bipedal
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe Samurai Jack

These unnamed aliens are large humanoids that appeared in Samurai Jack episode, "XCVI".


They appear to quite largely tall with white skin, red eyes, black hair and huge noses. They are presumbly hostile  given their warrior-like appearance and were forced off their orginally world for reasons unknown, but without Aku's tyranny none of them would most likely never have been transferred to Earth.


One member of this species arrived in a ship at some central station where he is granted a new home at some vilage but was already populated by people but the alien replied by saying "no problem" hinting that he plans to do terrible things to the villagers. 

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