Hudlarians (physiological classification FROB) are a species of sapient spacefaring creatures hailing from the planet Hudlar. They are bulky, warm-blooded creatures with a vaguely armadillo-like appearance. Adult Hudlarians weight over two tons under Earth gravity. They are members of the Galactic Federation and were one of the many races involved in the construction of the multi-species hospital station Sector General.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Hudlarians are notable for their toughness and physical resilience. Whilst their homeworld has four times Earth gravity and seven times its atmospheric pressure, they are able to survive on any lighter conditions as well, including even the space vacuum, where they can live unharmed for extended periods of time (they do breathe oxygen when it's available, though). A six-months-old Hudlarian weights half a ton already. Their bodies are covered in thick but flexible armor plates and supported by three pairs of stubby tentacle-like limbs which can be used as either arms or legs, each ending in manipulatory claws. To protect these claws, Hudlarians walk on their knuckles, much like an anteater or a gorilla. Their eyes are protected by thick, glass-like covering.

Hudlarians have no mouth; they absorb food and oxygen through a sophisticated system of pores on their backs. Dejects are expelled on the underside, from their bellies. On their homeworld, their diet consists of thousands of airborne microorganisms suspended on the dense, soupy Hudlarian atmosphere. When visiting other worlds, or when working on space, they must spray themselves with a special preparing of concentrated food every few hours. Hudlarians also have the highest tolerance for space radiation known among sapient species, which makes them valuable workers on space-based projects, such as building the afore mentioned Sector General. They do have a deadly vulnerability to chlorine, though.

Like many sapient creatures, Hudlarians take care of their young. A baby Hudlar alternates between sleeping for five days in a row and staying active for two. Besides food and sleep, young Hudlarians also need "patting" from their parents. When O'Mara (who's Human) had to take care of a young Hudlarian, he needed to build a special apparatus to do the patting because the force involved was too great, even though from the Hudlarian's viewpoint it's just a gentle pet. This illustrates the enormous strength and resilience of this species. Despite this, baby Hudlarians are vulnerable to many diseases, which they develop immunity to as they age. They also need a bath from time to time, to make sure food remains won't clog their food absorbing canals. Hudlarians speak by vibrating bellow-like flaps of muscle on their backs. They are known for making very loud vocalizations.

Hudlarian blood is yellow and they have a high internal circulatory pressure.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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