General Information
Scientific name Hov's'sa sapiens
Homeworld Rho Bentharis II
Habitat Aquatic, hydrothermal vents
Body type Arthropoid
Length 3 m
Skin colors Blue
Top speed Slow
Sapience level Sapient
Behavior Chaste-based, eusocial, strongly spiritual
Reproduction Sexual, oviparous
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Orion's Arm
Created by Aaron Hamilton
Designed by Aaron Hamilton

The Hov's'sa are an extinct extraterrestrial civilization native to planet Rho Bentharis II in Orion's Arm.[1]

Biology Edit

Anatomy and physiology Edit

A Hov's'sa exhibits bilateral symmetry and is covered in a blue exoskeleton.[2] The five pairs of jointed limbs are all different; making the mouthparts, sand-probe or supports, defensive claws, manipulator arms and bottom-hopping legs.[1]

Biochemistry Edit

Hov's'sa genetic material, along with that of their native biosphere, is based on a poorly-studied crystal-protein complex.[1] The presence of proteins and being aquatic imply carbon-based biochemistry.[3] Metabolism is heterotrophic and uses fermentation for catabolism.[1]

Reproduction Edit

Hov's'sa are eusocial but lack a king-queen caste, unlike many terrestrial arthropods. The breeder chastes, which have no distinct sexes, bear forager and soldier chaste. Which chaste an offspring belongs is determined by incubation temperature.

Society Edit

Psychology Edit

The Hov's'sa have been described as eusocial, extremely religious and strongly spiritual.

Religion and belief systems Edit

The Hov's'sa worship a Volcanic god.

History Edit

Their period of prominence is called the Hovssian epoch, lasting from 325 to 312 million years before present.[4]

References Edit

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