Skadge, a Houk who lived during the Cold War.

The Houk were an extremely large, mammalian humanoid race native to the Outer Rim planet Reibrin I. The Houk spread throughout the galaxy following their first contact with a Vaathkree trading ship. Their skin was colored deep blue or purple, and their eyes were a piercing yellow. They were considered second in the galaxy in brute strength only to the Wookiee race, but they did not display the violent rage of the Wookiee. However, they did have short tempers, and preferred fighting to any other solution to a problem. The Houk generally used any method possible to gain an advantage over their opponents, including sneaking up on them and attacking from behind. Thus, many other races considered them cowards.

The Houk which settled on the planet Sriluur were often at war with their neighbors, the Weequay, until the Empire stepped in and subjugated both races. The Empire planned to use the Houk race as a basis for creating the "perfect slave," but it was unknown if their program was successful. During their history, the Houk race produced few technological advancements, but adapted well to the use of hyperdrives and modern weapons.

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