Minecraft Horse
General Information
Scientific name Equus ferus caballus
Homeworld Overworld
Sapience level non-sapient
Subspecies/Races see "subspecies" below
Status Extant
Behind the Scenes
Universe Minecraft

Horses are a species of seemingly non-sapient mammals that exist within the Overworld.

Physical Appearances Edit

Horses are very similar in appearance to that of a Horse from the planet Earth in real life, being recognized by their long snout, distinctive body, and the four hooves on the bottom of their legs. As well as this, Horses come in many different fur colors, including brown, white, black, grey, and various forms of spotted furs.

History Edit

Steve riding Horse

An human in the Minecraft Universe riding a tamed Horse.

Horses are one of the many species of animal that can be found roaming The Overworld in the Minecraft Universe. They usually travel in herds of up to two to six Horses while in the wild, and almost always stay together unless they are separated due to a threat. Similar to Pigs, Horses are one of the few species of animal in the Minecraft Universe that can be tamed by Humans, who use them as both a mode of transportation across The Overworld. Some Humans even use their Horses in combat, covering their Horse's body in armor and riding them into battle.

Subspecies Edit


A tamed Donkey wearing a saddle and a pair of chests

Donkey Edit

Donkeys are a well known subspecies of Horses in both Minecraft and in real life. They are noticeably smaller than their Horse cousins, but are seen to be somewhat more intelligent than a normal Horse. Along with this Humans tend to use Donkeys to carry equipment by placing chests on their saddles, indicating that Donkeys may also be stronger than Horses in the Minecraft Universe.

Mule Edit

Mules are another known subspecies of Horses, being created when a Donkey breeds with a Horse. They act more similarly to Donkeys, however, Mules do retain certain attributes from Horses as well, such as their speed.

Zombie Horse Edit

Zombie Horses are a species of horse that have been infected by Zombies. They, as their Zombie title suggests, are undead, but unlike other Zombies in the Minecraft Universe, are not aggressive towards Humans, and can actually be tamed by Humans.

Skeleton horsemen

A Skeleton Horseman

Skeleton Horse Edit

Skeleton Horses are another undead subspecies of Horse that, like the Zombie Horse, can be tamed by Humans. Skeleton Horses can also be tamed by Skeletons, in a similar fashion to Spiders, becoming Skeleton Horsemen in the process.

Appearances Edit

  • Minecraft (first appearance)
  • Minecraft: Story Mode
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