Universe Amorphous + Universe
Homeworld Unknown


Intelligent Moderately High

The Horror is a powerful Gloople. It is created by two Biters fusing together through reverse mitosis. It's less agile than its lesser cousin, but is much more deadly.

Power and abilitiesEdit

As a Horror forms it acquires the minds of two biters, incteasing its intelligence and gaining better control over its teeth, of which more can generate and they appear faster. Usually, a Horror can attack in three ways. The first attack is the most powerful and fearful: simply, the Gloople covers itself with teeth, and them it spins them around its body. This action will transform the Gloople in a living chainsaw Virtually* invincible: announced by a creaking noise, the Horror can literally shred its enemies apart.

  • Rocks and large enough Amalgam can destroy it.

A Horror can also shoot its own teeth like bullets. Connected to these bullets there are glands filled with a special compound. When its teeth come into contact with something in this way, it will also inject the compound. This compound, filled with genetic alterers, have no effect on humans and other living beings, but Green Glooples and Oozles mutate into Biters.

Lastly, a Horror can launch flying "drones" at its enemies. These "drones" are basically circular saws made of teeth with a center made of part of the Horror itself: the Horror which generates these "drones" direct them to an enemy to cut it, and then it drives them back for re-fusing with the main body. The drones can fly because they spin at high speed: changing slightly the positions of the teeth according to the commands of the Horror, the drones can change direction. However, this attack makes the Horror defenseless because it uses all the teeth it has for generating the drones; usually, the spinning teeth on an Horror's skin provide it some deflection from attacks. If the Horror is destroyed, all the drones will instantly fall on the ground and melt.

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