250px-Barnabus Worley
General Information
Homeworld Merdegraw
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience level Sapient
Behavior Generally friendly and outgoing, though also lazy, cowardly and paranoid about evil curses
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ratchet & Clank

Hoolefoids were small purple reptilians like sapients native to the oceanic world of Merdegraw.


Most Hoolefoids heads resemble that of a lizard, though some have extreme underbite, have heads that resemble a theropod dinosaur with and underbite, or have head with a more humanoid look, but with a lizard like mouth with underbite.

Most Hoolefoids skin was purple, but a few Hoolefoids had skin ranging toward pink. Hoolefoid eyes are blue.

Culture and societyEdit

Hoolefoids live on the small tropical islands that dot planet Merdegraw, such as Hoolefar Island. Because the planet was once occupied by the Space Pirate Captain, Angstrom Darkwater, who was said to have put a curse on his own crew that would allow them to rise up from the dead to attack intruders attempting to steal his booty, the Hoolefoids would take great pains to avoid the abandoned islands in which Darkwater's crew once resided on. The Hoolefoids were also known to dabble in magic, as evidenced by Hoolefar Magic Emporium, which Darkwater himself purchased a part of the curse that would allow his crew to rise up from the dead.

Because of Merdegraw's history revolving around Space Pirates, the Hoolefoids chief economic activity was tourism.

Because Merdegraw contained large amounts of Trillium, which could interfere with interstellar communications, the Hoolefoids had to operate a powerful Beacon in order to communicate with other worlds. One beacon found on Hoolefar Island was operated by Local Beacon Union 3-19, which was known to be particularly lazy in part because of union rules. To power these Beacons, the Hoolefoids used wind turbines to obtain energy from the wind currents of their tropical world.

The Hoolefoids were led by Mayors, one of which was Barnabus Worley, who governed Hoolefar Island.

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