The Hoojibs are a species of telepathic rodents native to the planet Arbra. Their fur is noted for its pastel coloration, and their "cute" appearance causes many "advanced" races to underestimate their intelligence. This appearance, coupled with the Hoojibs' lack of advanced technology, has made many other sapient races overlook them. The average Hoojib has large, floppy ears and large eyes, and they tend to form familial clans that are outgoing toward visitors to Arbra. They have assisted the Alliance to some degree, although only a single clan made any effort to leave Arbra and assist in the struggle against the Empire.

Hoojibs do not consume food as most other creatures do, which involve the digestion of food to create energy. Instead, the Hoojibs feed directly on the energy itself. Much of their nourishment comes from a vast crystalline structure located beneath the surface of Arbra, which channels energy from the planet's core. By feeding on this energy, the Hoojibs also keep the planet's energy resources in balance, preventing a catastrophic build-up of power.

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