General Information
Scientific name Nektara fatuus
Homeworld PNF-404
Body Type transparent
Length 25 mm
Skin Colors pink, purple
Locomotion Levitation
Diet Nectar
Sapience Level Non-Sapient
Behavior Gentle
Reproduction Egg
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pikmin

The Honeywisp is a elusive, peaceful creature that was discovered on PNF-404 during expeditions by Captain Olimar.


Honeywisps are fairly small creatures, just slightly bigger than a Hocotatian excluding the items it carries around with it. They are fairly simple creatures with a pair of fins along each side of its body, four antennae on the back of its head, and three suction cups at the bottom of the tail.

Its skin is covered in a transparent, bioluminescent membrane, the skin varying from either pink or purple. They also have a pair of extended membranes from their bodies to the end of their protective membranes, though it's impossible to say if they're also antennae or the creature's eye stalks.


Honeywisp P2 closeup

A Honeywisp carrying its egg.

These creatures are timid around larger creatures, not having natural defenses that would allow it to fight. They gather nectar from flowers, which are molded into a nectar-filled orb to which they carry back to their nests to their offspring. A juvenile Honeywisp has never been found or seen however, making this statement slightly inconclusive.

Sometimes a Honeywisp can be seen carrying around a large egg, as big as its own body. Many biologists believed this to be the creature's egg, though other think its an egg stolen from another nest. Regardless of what it carries, it will quickly drop it and disappear if it ends up attacked.

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