Homo Titanien
Homo Titanien
General Information
Homeworld Titan
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Titan Universe

The Homo Titaniens was a new breed of humanity envisioned by Professor Martin Collingwood as a means for humans to colonize the moon heilgenetically modified to endure the harsh conditions of Titan. They are pale skin, hairless and their physique due to their conditioning are robust. Homo Titaniens possess four digits, the ring finger and middle finger having been webbed together.

The initial batch of human volunteers were injected over the course of a week, with 300 shots of  ammino acids, solutions, enzyme inhibitors, nucleic acid polymers, to prepare them for the long steady road to enable the subjects bodies to burn nitrogen for energy and use as oxygen. Since Titan's atmosphere, is more than 90% nitrogen and less than 5% is oxygen this enhancement allows them to easily breathe. In addition they have adapted to be resistant to methane due to gills.

To accommodate the low levels of light on Titan, the rod cells in a Homo Titanien are eight times that of a regular human, making the aperture that of a feline's. This trait allows for night vision in the darkness.

The procedure to create the Homo Titaniens involved humans being infused with DNA of several animals. The membranes of a Homo Titanien are a result of bat DNA, granting them the ability to fly in Titan’s low gravity.

Homo Titaniens can only communicate at low frequency, and tactile contact that is undetectable to human senses. Tendrils retract from their index and webbed finger which they use for tactile communication though the tendrils are versatile enough to merge together to form a weapon.

Appearances Edit

  • The Titan (2018)
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