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The Hokita are a races of humanoids native to Cloudholm in Milky Way galaxy.


The Hokita are fairly basic humanoids, they have few distinguishing traits. They have distinct ears and overlapping nose flaps, and varying hair colors.

Culture and society[]

"Our life is in the clouds"

Not much is known about the Hokita government and culture, but all members of the species lived in a fleet, but they seemed fairly unified and at the call of the premier hunting ship the "Cloud Walker" a grand war council was called.

The hunting of the Fliers was important to Hokita Culture. They use every part of the flier, as food, for oils, and for the lifting gasses for their airships.



The Hokita have not yet mastered space travel, they have only mastered rudimentary steam and electrical power. They have constructed distinct airships (such as the cloud walker) where most of the species live.

The airships had devices called "Lightning Collectors" that were used to keep their electrical batteries charged, and there was smoke pipes that would be retracted during storms.

Other various technology includes electrical harpoons used to hunt the Fliers and eyeglasses to increase visual range. Although they were not advanced, their technology was sufficient to be considered a threat by the Triiad.


No living Hokita had touched the surface for forty generations because volcanic activity had left the surface, in their words, fiery and troubled. Living on fleets they have become completely dependent on the fliers.

Their society realized all at once that the fliers were intelligent beings when the fliers banded together to keep the Hokita from being detected by the Triiad. They accepted the intelligence of the fliers, although somewhat reluctantly as it would end their way of life.

The fliers source for the lifting gas was discovered by the Hypernauts so they would no longer need to harvest it from the creatures, and as the surfaces volcanic activity had subsided it is plausible they began to explore the surface of their world.


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