General Information
Homeworld Toka
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Hoka Universe

The Hokas are a mammalian species from the planet Toka in the Hoka Universe.

Biology Edit

A meter tall, tubby and golden-furred, with round blunt-muzzled heads and small black eyes. Except for the stubby-fingered hands, they resembled nothing so much as giant teddy bears.Despite their small size they are quite strong creatures, able to lift a full grown human woman with ease, and even their neck muscles are near unbreakable that make hanging non-fatal.

History Edit

Before the cultural interference by humans, the Hokas were a bronze age culture. Only their walled sea-coast towns, in a state of bronze-age technology, had been able to stand off the Slissü; otherwise the reptiles were slowly but steadily conquering and consuming the scattered ursinoid tribes.

The Hokas were discovered by an expedition from the Interbeing League. Taking pity on the cute furry aliens, the humans gave the Hokas technology and knowledge, based on the American West.

The HMS Draco from Earth return three decades later and found that the Hokas modeled their entire society with detail on the Old West era.

The Hokas sent representatives to Earth where they encountered a Sophrano drama series on TV. They then rapidly redeveloped their culture to reflect the Italian mannerism and styles.

Shortly after they returned to Tola they were introduced to Tom Bracken of the Space Patrol TV Series, which prompted them to imitate the show. They commandeered a League liaison vessel and converted it into a battleship using various pieces of antiquated technology from their American Western culture societies.

Their society changed once again reflecting Victorian England based on the literature they received.

Culture Edit

The Hokas were described as friendly, merry, amazingly quick to learn… and hopelessly inefficient. Despite being faced with insurmounting odds, a Hoka fought bravely when attacked. However they were highly individualistic beings and never had the thought to band together in a massed offensive against the Slissü; such a race of individualists could never have formed an army anyway.

Cultural Contamination Edit

The Hokas are the most imaginative race of beings in known space, and doubtless in unknown space too. Any role that strikes their fancy they will play, individually or as a group, to the limits of the preposterous and beyond. This does not imply deficiency of intellect, for they are remarkably quick to learn. It does not even imply that they lose touch with reality; indeed, they have been heard to complain that reality often loses touch with them. It does demonstrate a completely protean personality. Added to that are a physical strength and energy astonishing in such comparatively small bodies. Thus, in the course of a few short years, the "demon teddy bears," to use a popular phrase for them, have covered their planet with an implausible kaleidoscope of harlequin societies describable only by some such metaphor as the foregoing…

Appearances Edit

  • Earthman's Burden (1957)
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